Colony of the special regime "Black Berkut": photo, where is it?

Colony "Black Eagle" is not like the usualprison, because there are prisoners here who have long and mercilessly killed people. Most of these people will never come to freedom. This correctional facility is located in the impenetrable forests of the Northern Urals and is hidden from view. The official name of the Black Eagle is FKU IK-56 OUKHD GUFSIN of Russia. You will learn more about this prison from this article.

Where is?

black eagle

Correctional institution "Blackgolden eagle "in 615 kilometers from the capital of the Urals - the city of Yekaterinburg As it was said earlier, this colony is hidden from prying eyes, because there is an IR-56 in the impenetrable forests of the Urals.The nearest small town is forty kilometers away.In winter it is very cold and strong wind , and in the summer - a whole darkness of insects.

The general information about the colony of the Black Eagle is presented below:

  • there is a prison in the village Lozvinsky Ivdelsky urban district of the Sverdlovsk region;
  • there is no official website for this correctional institution;
  • applications and parcels are accepted only on appointed days until 16:00;
  • leader: the head of the colony - Dadashov Subhan (colonel of internal service, has been in office for more than thirty years);
  • At the present time in the PKU IK-56 OSHD GUFSIN contains slightly more than 260 people.

Fact from history

black eagle prison

Initially, in the prison "Black Berkut" werecriminals, whom the court sentenced to be shot. However, then the death penalty was abolished, and convicts were isolated from society for a quarter of a century. Nevertheless, many of the "former suicide bombers" did not want to put up with the fact that they would have to spend the rest of their days imprisoned. For this reason, some even committed suicide.

It should also be pointed out that the colony appeared in the times of the USSR in 1935.


Many people are wondering whyIs the colony of special regime so unofficially called? The thing is that there is a sculpture in the form of a black golden eagle, which holds a snake's head in its paws.

The main thing is that this pedestal was created not by anya famous person, and a prisoner from Nalchik. The latter is serving a sentence here for having brutally punished his mother-in-law. He was sentenced to 25 years for killing his wife's mother.


In the "Black Eagle" - the colony of a special regime -there is a certain schedule, according to which the head of this institution conducts the reception of citizens. Therefore, relatives of prisoners can come to the reception to the latter only on the 1st Wednesday of each month. The official conversation is conducted only in strictly allotted hours from 10 to 12.00.

You should also know that on the 2nd Tuesday of each month you can get an appointment with the Deputy Chief of the 56th IC. But only in the period from 14 to 16:00 hours.

Existing features

black golden eagle special regime colony

Many citizens are interested in the question,where is the "Black Eagle". As it was already written earlier, this special regime colony is located in the forests of the Northern Urals. In addition, the city of Yekaterinburg is as much as 615 kilometers. It must also be added that the prison is located on the rocks. Therefore, any ditches to the building are excluded.

In addition, the opportunities for escape hereare absent. Because one such attempt in 1989 was not successful for convicts. Spetsnaz arrived quickly. The uprising of rebellious prisoners was suppressed. Since then, no one has even tried to escape from IK-56.

That there was no pity

black eagle where is located

The "Black Eagle" prison is a place where people leavepunishment cruel and dangerous criminals. They are all murderers who have not spared the lives of children and women. Here there is one of the most severe regimes, characteristic for our country - a special one. Convicts for life are in a special, protected block. At present, there are about 85 people.

The most characteristic thing is that on the door of the cell of every convict weighs a plate on which are indicated:

  • his surname, name and patronymic;
  • Articles on which he serves time;
  • number of people who became victims of the latter and their age.

This is done so that the guards do not have a single pity for the criminals who killed so many innocent people.

Famous personalities

Among the convicts of the Correctional Institution "Black Berkut" there are criminals who are known throughout the country for their terrible atrocities. Below are their data:

  • Tikhomirov I.Yu, who organized a terrorist act on the Cherkizovsky market. Then fourteen people died.
  • Belov Vladimir Borisovich: It's Khovrinsky maniac who killed just for the sake of his pleasure; Later, he admitted that he simply can not do anything else. At the trial it was proved that he killed only six people, although in total in total he has more than 80 innocent lives.
  • Mirgorod VV - raped, and then strangled his victims; this continued until 2004. After he ceased his criminal activities, but by pure chance was found in 2010. He counts 16 lives of innocent people.

Can I write a letter?

Yes, by law this is not prohibited. Only to write it is necessary competently and without the use of forbidden words. Do not forget that all letters are censored. If in a message from relatives the colony's workers find prohibited information, then the prisoner probably will not receive it.

The address for sending letters is the following: 24579, Sverdlovsk Region, Ivdel, Lozvinsky. It is also necessary to indicate to whom the message is intended.


black golden eagle colony

In the correctional colony "Black Berkut"prisoners who are sentenced for life, stay all their time in the cell at six meters. There they usually are alone or together. There is no sewerage here. Therefore, a bucket serves as a toilet for them. Once a week you can go to the bathhouse, but for any crime a life-long prisoner can deprive this joy.

Every day prisoners are necessarily taken towalk in a small courtyard. There they see only a small piece of sky that shines through the grate. All the rest of the time they spend in their cell.

For the whole year, prisoners are allowed one parceland 2 meetings. TV can not watch the last (it's forbidden), so it's not in the cameras. But there are libraries - spiritual and artistic. This category of convicts has no opportunity to work.

Contents of other prisoners

It should also be pointed out that "BlackBerkut "is a prison where not only life-term convicts are located, but also those criminals who replaced the forthcoming wound with a long-term isolation from the society. As a rule, prisoners, whose term is 20 or 25 years, can work in the subsidiary farm, have more dates with relatives, receive parcels and parcels, the latter live in normal conditions, they are sometimes even allowed to call home.

What is characteristic?

black eagle prison where is located

Many criminals have been in the colony since the time of the Soviet Union, because earlier here only those who were to be shot were held. Their life should have ended with a shot in the back of the head.

Nevertheless, in 1996 the president of Russia,Yeltsin BN, suspended the death penalty. The moratorium on it has been established at the present time. Therefore, the suicide bombers, who were to be shot, received in the end for twenty-five years in isolation from society in a special regime prison.

However, most of them committed suicide. Because not all criminals were ready to spend a quarter of a century in confinement.

What else is characteristic?

Most prisoners of this colony do notlive to old age. This is due primarily to the conditions of serving punishment in the "Black Eagle". The prison for life sentenced is a special institution with a special regime for murderers, maniacs, rapists and terrorists, who coldly and mercilessly killed several hundred people.

According to the administration of the colony, tenyears of stay here, every third of the prisoners dies or just goes crazy. But, according to the conditions of detention, IK-56 is the most comfortable prison in Russia, in which there are only cruel and very dangerous intruders.

To the cinema

Back in 2012, IK-56 visited the cameragroup, whose purpose was to make a film about how people living for life are living, and also former suicide bombers (the sentence is 25 years). Workers of the documentary channel even interviewed the head of the colony and several prisoners. As the director of the film said, his main goal was to show the audience how people live in such places of detention, about what they think and dream about.

General information

As already mentioned, this colonyis characterized by the most severe regime of detention of prisoners. After all, IK-56 is one of seven operating correctional facilities for those intruders who have received lifelong terms. Nevertheless, even here women work. They, as a rule, stand on the towers. This is the easiest job for the weaker sex. In the colony there is also a church - it is a wooden church, which the prisoners built themselves in 2006. The service is conducted by a priest from Severouralsk. The photo of the prison "Black Berkut" is presented below:

colony black eagle

For five fences and several meters of barbed wire there is a place of imprisonment, from which the condemned for life will never be released.


So, in this particular colony of special regime,located in the impenetrable forests of the Sverdlovsk region, there are some of the most severe conditions of detention of prisoners in our country. Nevertheless, people who committed violent atrocities, live in prison. The employees of the colony themselves do not feel any sympathy and pity for them. After all, these criminals killed a large number of innocent people, among whom were even children.

Of course, the living conditions of persons who are executedwas replaced by a prolonged isolation from society, differ from those where there are lifelongers. They even go in for sports and organize small competitions, they work. While prisoners serving life sentences spend almost all of their time in a cell where they can write letters to relatives or to courts of law. They can not lie on the bed, they are only allowed to sit on a chair. Nevertheless, even lifers can receive one parcel from home and two visits a year. This is their joy limited.

Nevertheless, to the latter, almost no onearrives. And not even because the road is too far and tiring, but because close people do not want to maintain a kinship with dangerous criminals.

Thus, those sentenced to life are left alone until the end of their days.

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