Choosing a wallpaper

In our time, the wallpaper on the walls have become something familiar and mundane. But do you know about all the variety of wallpapers that the industry now offers? Indeed, among the existing wallpapers each have their pros and cons. So, there are wallpapers:

• Paper. Can be single-layer and two-layer. Pros - very easy to glue. Environmentally friendly material. The cheapest option. Cons - will have to change every three years. Dirt can not be removed, can erase or tear. Fade fast. They are used in little contaminated areas.

• Vinyl wallpapers. They have several types. This is kitchen, foamed and cramped vinyl. Pros - with a little experience just enough to glue. A variety of textures that enhance the design options. Can be washed with detergent. Cons - Often brings harm to health. The material itself, vinyl, with a sharp change in temperature can cause harm to the human body. Used in areas where there may be increased contamination of the walls.

• Non-woven wallpaper - wallpaper on non-woven base, which is a non-woven fabric of cellulose and synthetic fibers. Pluses - a variety, are even indistinguishable from the fabric, hide all small flaws of the walls.Cons - inconvenient to clean and can not be washed. They are used in little polluted rooms.

• Natural wallpaper - there are many types. The basis is paper on which natural materials are attached in various ways, such as cork, papyrus, bamboo and the like. Pros - environmentally friendly, fit almost any interior. Cons - expensive, it is impossible to stick without a certain experience. Used with European-quality repairs.

• Glass fiber. This is a wall covering made of fiberglass cloth. Pros - sticking once, you can simply update by repainting, fireproof, environmentally friendly, high strength. Cons - expensive, except for sticking requires painting. Used in offices and similar premises.

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