Chocolate box out of candy box

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The first of September is approaching, which means that it’s time to get the child to school, look after the gift bouquet and think about what to give to the teacher. If you do not want to get off with a banal box of chocolates or a notebook, we suggest you make a gift to the teacher with your own hands. The class teacher or favorite teacher of your child will be pleasantly surprised.


Today we will tell you how to make an unusual chocolate. Let's give a second life a box of sweets, but fill it to your liking. Such a gift looks autumn original, beautiful and you can see that it was made with a soul.

What do we need?

  • empty candy box
  • decorative paper with patterns
  • decorative elements (flowers, beads, satin ribbons, lace)
  • double sided tape

Tip: Chocolate can be made from cardboard from scratch (if you do not have a box of the right size) or take a ready-made rectangular box from candies, which have a lid not removable, but opens like a book


How to make chocolate with your own hands?

We get rid of the candy base, we do not need it. We measure the box in length and width, we record all dimensions.

We take beautiful ornamental paper (it is possible for scrapbooking) and cut out of it details for pasting our box. It is better to glue in parts: first, the sides of the sides and the place of the fold (we sculpt there without fear, not necessarily exactly, because then we will cover all of this). Then the inside of the box and the inside of the lid. After this, we paste over the visible part of the craft - for this you can take a paper of a different color.

It is better to glue on double-sided tape so that the paper does not bubble, as is sometimes the case with glue.


Decorating chocolate can be lace, rhinestones, dried flowers and other decorative materials that will be on hand. Fix it all with a glue gun or superglue. Take the color paper for the printer and print the greeting in a beautiful font, paste it.

Inside of paper and cardboard, you can make pockets to put a chocolate bar in them. And you can stick satin ribbons on superglue so that all items inside the box can be fixed with them and tie a beautiful bow.On the side, by the way, the tape also does not hurt.

Here are some inspiration ideas.

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