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The characteristic of the Year of the Dog 2018 interests many people. One can argue hoarsely about whether horoscopes are true and whether astrologers' predictions have any practical meaning. However, even the most avid skeptics always want to know in advance what animal is "dedicated" next year. 2018 according to the eastern calendar will be the year of the Yellow Dog. You will learn about the nature of this animal, as well as how best to meet 2018, by reading this article.

What people are born in the year of the Yellow Dog?

The dog is a smart, devoted animal, though not without some tricks. These will be the children who will be born in 2018. The intelligence and friendliness of the "favorites" of the Yellow Dog can only be envied. Moreover, these people cannot tolerate injustice: if they insult the weak in their eyes, they will certainly intervene to protect the needy.

The main "trump card" of people born in the Year of the Yellow Dog is exceptional interpersonal skills. They are excellent listeners, they know how to interest the interlocutor and make a positive impression on others. Such people easily become the soul of the company.Sometimes those who are born under the sign of the Yellow Dog, ways to flare up, talk a lot of tricks, without thinking about the consequences at all. However, thanks to the natural charm of such people easily seek forgiveness.


Profession people who are born in 2018, should choose a creative, associated with the words. They will be successful writers, journalists, actors and teachers.

With regard to family life, it is worth noting that those who are patronized by the Yellow Dog should choose calm partners who will calmly relate to the incontinence of their second half. The main characteristic of the Year of the Dogs 2018 is exceptional loyalty to close people, therefore people who will be born in 2018 will be very faithful spouses.

Personal life in 2018

If in 2017, which will be held under the auspices of the Fire Rooster, people will commit impulsive, rash acts, then the new year 2018 will bring peace of mind. After all, the main feature of the dog is loyalty and selfless love for the owner. Therefore, in 2018, the personal life of most people will enter a peaceful course: there is no need to fear divorce, conflict and betrayal.

Personal life

New 2018 Dogs are great for marriage: families will be particularly strong, and the likelihood of divorce will decrease. Of course, if you believe the eastern horoscope.

Indecisive, shy people who are afraid to meet people of the opposite sex, Yellow Dog will bring good luck. The main thing is not to miss the chance and take the initiative in time. Therefore, all lonely people should take courage. The main thing is not to abandon the subsequent development of relations. We must not forget that the yellow color symbolizes optimism: if you believe in yourself, you will be able to achieve everything you want!

Career in 2018

2018 Dogs, whose characteristics indicate that she does not like lazy people, will bring good luck only to those who are willing to work hard at work. It is necessary to make an effort and direct their efforts in the right direction, and the Yellow Dog will certainly give financial success and growth on the career ladder. True, one should not hope for a miracle: lazy people who do not wish to take responsibility for themselves do not deserve support, according to Yellow Dog. Good luck in 2018 will not “fall on its head”: you will have to work hard, abandoning vain dreams.

Relationships with colleagues will improve: The dog never condemns other people, accepting them with all the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the authorities will become more loyal. This opportunity is worth using in order to make a career breakthrough and prove what you really stand.


Yellow Dog and the political situation in the world

As astrologers predict, in 2018 the situation in the world will become calmer and more stable, which is very important after the turbulent recent years. This is due to the fact that the Dog can not tolerate conflict: it is an excellent envoy who, to the last, seeks to resolve any issue of worlds without using brute force.

Perhaps long-term opponents will come to compromises: people will become more tolerant and begin to trust each other more. It remains to hope that the year 2018 will really bring such a long-awaited peace, and the former rivals will decide that cooperation brings much more value than open confrontation. In addition, strong states can decide to help the weaker to reach a new stage of development, because the Dog never leaves those who need help.

Health in 2018

For health, the year of the Yellow Dog promises to be not the most favorable. Most likely, we expect rather large-scale epidemics of influenza and ARVI. You should prepare for this in advance: do not neglect tempering, take vitamin complexes and strengthen your body with all available methods.


How to meet the year 2018?

The dog loves to be in society. Therefore, to celebrate the year 2018 is a big, noisy company. The main thing is not to be alone! By the way, not everyone knows when the Year of the Dogs 2018 will actually come. The official date in the East is February 10th. Therefore, the holiday can be celebrated twice: this is an excellent occasion to get together with friends and have a good time.

To decide what to celebrate the New Year, it is worth remembering what color the dog is in 2018. Dress up the owner of the year will help sunny-yellow outfits. Orange, scarlet or ocher will do as well. An excellent option would be dresses in the floor, decorated with embroidery or rhinestones. To make your appearance more mischievous and enlist the support of the Yellow Dog, you can choose accessories with funny dogs. It can be pendants, clutches and even embroidery on clothes.

In the table setting should also be used yellow: it can be a bright tablecloth, dishes or even a bouquet of yellow flowers.

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