Canopy do it yourself

April 7, 2011

canopy with his own handsIf you dream of a royal bed, you can make a canopy with your own hands. The bed, surrounded by a canopy, not only looks beautiful, but also allows you to hide behind curtains and sleep peacefully. This is especially true in the bedrooms, combined with the office, where one person can work, and the second at this time wants to relax. A self-made canopy will help you isolate yourself from the outside world and sweetly sleep in a soft double bed decorated with luxurious linens.

A self-made canopy can be easily built from window eaves, brackets and fasteners, as well as curtain fabrics. Installing it takes a little time, and installation work is simple. The main thing is that all fasteners are securely installed, otherwise the canopy risks falling on a sleeping person.

For the manufacture of a canopy it is required: 4 webs and fabrics for curtains or lighter curtain fabric, seven brackets for window curtain rods, four sets of curtain rings (7 rings each), one long curtain rail for headboard and 2 short for sidewalls, six tips as well as a drill and suitable drills.
As a fabric for a canopy, it is better to choose plain sheets of soothing shades that will look good from anywhere in the bedroom. In order not to weigh down the canopy, it is preferable to choose lightweight, well draped fabrics. To create a romantic effect, you can choose a curtain longer than the height of the ceiling by 50 cm - in this case, it will lie on the floor in soft folds.

Master Class

    1. Above the head of the bed must be installed 3 brackets for the eaves. We retreat 2-3 cm from the wall and mark the center of the head to fix the middle bracket. Side brackets should be screwed to the ceiling so that they protrude from both sides of the bed to 12 cm. As already mentioned, the fasteners must be chosen stronger so that the canopy is reliable.
    2. Through one of the side brackets we pass a long cornice and put one of the sets of curtain rings with clothespins on it. Then we pass the eaves through the middle bracket and again put seven more rings on it. We fix the eaves in the extreme bracket and dress the tips.

make a canopy

  1. On the clothespins rings hang at the head of the curtains with their own hands (2 panels).
  2. Fasten the side rails at a 90 degree angle to the first cornice. There should be a distance of about 4 cm between the tips of these side eaves and the central bar; therefore, retreating this length, we attach fasteners for the side eaves on both sides of the bed and string the curtain rings on them. Then we put on tips and hang curtains.

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