Can I drink distilled water?

For many centuries, there has been a dispute about whetherwhether to drink distilled water, is it useful, how often to drink it and will it not harm its health? On the benefits and dangers of water, there are also many different myths that many of us believe. Let's figure it out, destroy some prejudices and try to find out the truth about distilled water. And it's up to you to believe or not.

Are there any mineral substances in the distilled water?

Can I drink distilled waterIs it possible to drink distilled water if, afterdistillation it loses all the beneficial minerals? This myth is the most common, so let's try to destroy it. Every day a person is obliged to consume not less than two liters of liquid daily. This is necessary for the normal flow of vital functions in the body, which is certainly promoted by the mineral substances that are in the water. But if, after distillation, there are no mineral substances in it, why should you drink it then?

Simultaneously with mineral substances, weWe also use harmful compounds, which are also found in water and are very harmful to health. As research has shown, during distillation only a small part of useful minerals is removed, but also a variety of viruses, heavy metals, bacteria, radionuclides, various organic and inorganic compounds are destroyed. Removing all harmful substances from water is much healthier, so you can drink distilled water without fear.

Influence of distilled water on teeth

Drinking distilled waterIt is also a misconception that water,past the process of distillation, destroys the tooth enamel and harms the teeth and gums. Many people believe that if you drink distilled water constantly, your teeth begin to decay because of the lack of such an important element in water as fluoride. But the repeated questioning of people who use water, which is subjected to distillation, has been refuting this assumption for years. Distilled water did not affect the condition of their teeth. Consequently, it can not harm the teeth, and this myth is also destroyed.

Is it possible to drink distilled water if it iswithout taste?

There is also an opinion that water afterdistillation becomes tasteless. This myth is printed in many newspapers and magazines. By providing incorrect information, printed publications misinform consumers and impose their prejudiced attitude.

You can drink distilled waterWhy do so many people think?The fact is that this opinion was based at the time when the very first distillers of water appeared, which could give a not very pleasant taste. But for today such devices have special preliminary and final carbon filters. They remove all harmful substances, unpleasant odors and give the distilled water a pleasant taste and fresh aroma.

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