Cameton: instructions for use

Well-known on the Russian pharmaceuticalthe market of the preparation-aerosol of the combined type "Kameton". The instruction on the use of the medication confirms the possibility of its independent application by adults for colds.

The drug "Cameton" representsa yellowish-white emulsion that has a characteristic odor. When sprayed, it turns into a dispersed (sprayed) air jet, which is a stream of the smallest drops of liquid.

Cameton has the effect of light anesthetic (analgesic), local anti-inflammatory, as well as antiseptic (disinfecting) and antimicrobial action.

Emulsion "Cameton" is placed in a vial,equipped with devices for spraying and dosing. The bottle also has a guiding nozzle. For sale Cameton comes in two forms: an aerosol (cans of 30 grams and 45 grams) and a dosed spray (20 milliliters). Both forms contain a spray liquid.

Practitioners testify that Kameton is effective for the removal of throat inflammation, and also for the purpose of reducing throat cough. Against bronchial and pulmonary cough drug does not work.

The drug is used in the oral and nasal cavities, as well as in the pharyngeal cavity.

Cameton: instruction on the application of its pharmacological properties

Since the drug is one of the combined drugs, in order to understand its effect, one must imagine what elements Camleton is made of. Its composition consists of the following substances:

  • chlorobutanol hydrate (light anesthetic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory drug, it soothes the inflamed mucosa of the larynx);

  • camphor (a weakly expressed antiseptic, acts irritatingly, promotes increased blood flow, is effective in the throat against its inflammatory changes);

  • menthol (differs locally irritatingaction, which is expressed in light cold, mild burning and tingling. Local anesthetic, weak antiseptic. In the case of excruciating dry cough, it can facilitate respiratory function);

  • eucalyptus oil (stimulating effect on mucous membranes, local antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drug).

Long-term preservation of componentsdrug on the mucous membranes. Substances are not susceptible to absorption, their blood plasma does not contain in themselves. They do not exert significant influence on the body.

The time of therapeutic action of the medication is from four to six hours.

Cameton: instructions for use on indications for prescribing the drug

Cameton facilitates the patient's condition with the following ailments: acute and chronic inflammation in the larynx, nose, pharyngeal cavities: laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, rhinitis.

Cameton: contraindications and side effects

Usually the medicine does not give side effects.

Very rarely possible cases of allergic reactions (skin rash, which is treated).

The drug is contraindicated for individual intolerance to its components. It is forbidden to give Cameton to children under five years of age

Cameton: instructions for use about drug overdoses

In case of an overdose, nausea andvomiting. To stop this condition, you need to use a simple clean (not cold) water for rinsing your throat. Then, an enterosorbent preparation is taken. Of this group of drugs in the home medicine cabinet, usually only activated charcoal. It is quite suitable for solving the task. The rest (if necessary) can be prescribed by a doctor.

Cameton: instruction on how to use the drug

By pressing the dosing device,spray the drug in the mouth or nose. Inhalation should be done on inspiration. It lasts from three to five seconds. For children older than five years and for adults, spraying is performed three to four times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed two days.

During spraying, the direction of the spray can only be upwards with a spray gun!

If liquid has got into the eyes, clean water should be used for rinsing and be sure to visit a doctor.

Camlet can be used in combination therapy with other drugs, including - with antibiotics and antiviral agents.

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