Calendar for 2018

Finally, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog comes to replace the two fiery symbols, which means a decline in the frantic pace of life and a decrease in the intensity of passions. This applies to everything: career, family troubles, business. There will come a time of harmony, tranquility and peace.


During this period, you need to rest as much as possible, gain strength, make plans for the future and carefully consider their implementation. After all, the next sign on the eastern horoscope - Yellow Earth Pig - a symbol of successful business, wealth and prosperity. A change of scenery, interesting acquaintances and bright impressions will push you to new ideas, so pack your bags and leave away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But first, you need to decide on holidays and weekends, find more suitable days for trips. And this will help you calendar for 2018. To always have at hand up-to-date information, we offer you to download colorful sources for all occasions.

Calendar for 2018

If you have the opportunity to print templates with copying or printing devices on A4 format, then you can create professional products that are no different from “shop” products.There are several options for calendars:

  1. wall;
  2. pocket;
  3. desktop.

We also took care of those who do not have a home printer. The best solution would be the image on the desktop computer, the screen of the tablet or phone. The most popular PNG format is suitable for high-quality display on any device. Moreover, the sizes (from 4 to 7 thousand pixels) allow ideally adjusting the pictures to the resolution of the monitor.

Detailed file information

  • Format - PDF (PNG for the desktop).
  • Size in pixels by width:
    wall mounted - 7016
    table - 4961
    pocket - 2362
  • Weight in megabytes:
    wall mounted - 31.2
    desktop - 40.6
    pocket - 6.88
  • Quality - "premium".
  • Office paper - A4 format.
  • What you can print: color inkjet, laser or LED printers.

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