Buick will delight the public with its new 2017 LaCross sedan

Presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show modelBuick LaCrosse 2017from the American company, turned out to be a full-fledged serial embodiment of the recently presented conceptual version of the Avenir Concept. Surely we can say that this car will become the flagship and will be a serious contender for premium-class sedans of European and Japanese manufacturers.

Appearance design

The new car received an unusual lighting technology from LEDs. The shape of the headlights is characterized by an abundance of angular edges, with the presence of the initial streamline only at the edges of the turn signals. Xenon, in this model was not removed, it was supplemented with running lights from LEDs.

The radiator grille slightly changed its design, and due to its impressive shape it was named “Waterfall”. First of all, it is distinguished by chrome-coated stripes, they are arranged vertically and slightly directed towards the edges, proceeding from the center.Here is the manufacturer's nameplate, installed on a brilliant site.

Looking at the bumper, you can see that it has acquired a great streamlining. The developers cut off all his hints of sharpness, preferring aerodynamics.

The profile of the Buick LaCrosse 2017 boasts an elegant curvature, which originates from the front wings, passing along the entire body down to the stern. The body stands on 18-inch alloy wheels.

Buick LaCrosse 2017

The feed for the 2017 model also looks very attractive. "Stuffing" rear lights for 100% consists of LEDs. The lights themselves are divided into two parts by the luggage compartment lid. The massive bumper is equipped with a diffuser with two oval exhaust pipes at the edges.

In general, the appearance of the new car can be called stylish, modern and successful. All the solutions and ideas used are great for each other, without any stylistic mistakes.

Overall dimensions of the novelty

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The size of the car became slightly different compared to its predecessor:

  • the length of the novelty increased by 15 mm - 5020 mm;
  • width has become more by 10 mm - 1860 mm;
  • height decreased by 40 mm - 1460 mm;
  • center space added as much as 65 mm - 2910 mm.

Interior of a new car

The superiority of this model is even more noticeable in its interior. At the heart of the interior is natural wood and leather, which blend beautifully with carbon fiber. Significant updates can be observed on the center console.

One gets the impression that it seems to grow out of the tunnel between the seats, which in turn rises up in the form of an original wavy design. The central area ahead of the multimedia complex, with a huge display, the size of 8 inches.

Also, the car is equipped with a speaker system "Bose". The head unit can route, play files of almost all of today's extensions, as well as connect with Android and Apple devices.

new Buick LaCrosse photo

The instrument panel has lost all its mechanical elements - a graduated scale replaced the screen, which displays all the necessary data. The steering wheel also noticeably changed. Now it can be adjusted electronically and memorize the necessary settings, it is also equipped with a telescopic column and heating.

Leather seats delight with their comfort, which, along with the classic heating and ventilation function, are equipped with a massage function. Such an idea of ​​engineers will make any of your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Passengers of the second row will get the same comfortable seats and a large amount of free space for a comfortable location, so that for them long trips will be a trifle.

Specifications Buick LaCrosse 2017

Buick sedan 2017 price

The new generation of the car was developed on the innovative platform “P2XX”, which also participated in the creation of the latest generation Chevrolet Malibu. The body structure used high-strength alloys of aluminum and steel, which, in combination with modern composites, made it possible to lighten the weight of the car by 135 kg.

This model uses an independent suspension. The MacPherson suspension is installed in the front; As an additional option, as well as for the top-end configuration, another option is available for the front suspension - “HiperStrut”, which is supplemented by the useful property of shock absorbers - changes its rigidity.

The sedan is equipped with rear-wheel drive system.

Under the hood of the car can be found only one type of power unit V-shaped, with a capacity of 3.5 liters. The engine with “DOCH” is capable of producing 309 hp. Pair work with the motor will be carried out by an eight-step mechanic.

The beginning of sales of new cars is scheduled for the middle of next year. The first item where the car will arrive will be the North American market. The cost of Buick LaCrosse 2017 is not yet known.

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