Belgian Football Championship 2018-2019

The Belgian Football Championship 2018-2019 will determine the best team of this country, as well as clubs that will play in European competitions next season. In recent years, the level of this league has increased significantly, and young players fall directly into the grants of England, Spain and Italy. Matches in the Belgian league are often uncompromising, so fans enjoy a huge amount of spectacular moments, tricks and, of course, stunningly beautiful heads.

Competition rules

The highest league of the championship of Belgium on football 2018-2019 goals did not undergo major changes. It still involves 16 football teams, each of which at the preliminary stage will play with opponents from the standings in two matches (in its own stadium and in the opponent's arena). The club, which turned out to be in the last 16 place following the results of the championship, retires to the division with a rank lower.

Football Championship Match: Bruges-Charleroi

After the end of the regular championship football teams are divided into two groups:

  • champion (from 1 to 6);
  • Europa League zone (from 7 to 15).

Each group holds matches in two rounds, with the result that the winner of the competition is determined, as well as the teams that will play in the next season in the second most important tournament of the Old World - the League of Europe. The system in two circles was tested in Belgium for a long time and has proven itself in terms of the progress of individual football teams and increasing the spectacle of the competition. Two-round regulations have adopted many European tournaments, in particular the championship of Ukraine.

Championship participants

A complete list of teams playing in the Higher League of Belgium 2018-2019 can be found below:

Team name



Brugge Brugge "Ian Braydel"
"Vasland-Beveren" Beveren "Stadium Frithil"
"Antwerp" Antwerp Boseilstadion
"Genk" Genk Crystal Arena
"Ghent" Ghent Gelamko Arena
Anderlecht Brussels "Constant Vanden Stock"
Zulte Waregem Waregem Regenbogstadion
Kortrijk Kortrijk "Gulden is controversial"
Lokeren Lokeren Daknam
"Mechelen" Mechelen "Akhter de Cazerne"
"Mouscron" Mouscron "Stade le Canonier"
Ostend Ostend "Verslius Arena"
"Standard" Liege "Maurice Dufran"
Saint-Truiden Saint truiden "Styen"
Charleroi Charleroi "Stade du Pays de Charleroi"
"Eupen" Eupen Kehrweg

The newcomers of the Pro-League of Belgium in 2018-2019 became the modest club "Cercle Brugge", which many predicted the struggle for survival. Nevertheless, the team has managed to prove to skeptics that it is ready not only to maintain a residence permit in the elite division, but also to aim a blow at getting into the champion group. At the start of the tournament, Loren Guyot's wards scored several victories over the Pro-League middle teams, but games with more well-known opponents showed that the “green-blacks” have something to work on.

Tournament calendar

For the near future, we propose to familiarize with the calendar of the championship of Belgium on the following table:

Match date Members Location
14. 09. 2018 Brugge - Lokeren Brugge, "Jan Braydel"
15. 09. 2018 "Vasland-Beveren" - "Eupen" Beveren, Frithill Stadium
15. 09. 2018 Ostend - Cercle Brugge Ostend, Versilius Arena
15. 09. 2018 “Genk” - “Anderlecht” Genk, Crystal Arena
15. 09. 2018 “Standard” - “Charleroi” Liege, "Maurice Dufran"
16. 09. 2018 "Antwerp" - "Zulte Waregem" Antwerp, Bosalestadion
16. 09. 2018 "Gent" - "Saint-Truiden" Ghent, Gelamko Arena
16. 09. 2018 "Mouscron" - "Kortrijk" Mouscron, “Stud le Canonier”

Next, we present the championship standings after the starting six rounds:

League position Team name Number of points
1 Brugge 16
2 "Genk" 14
3 Anderlecht 13
4 "Ghent" 13
5 "Antwerp" 12
6 "Standard" 11
7 Ostend 9
8 Cercle Brugge 8
9 Saint-Truiden 7
10 Charleroi 6
11 "Eupen" 6
12 Zulte Waregem 5
13 Kortrijk 5
14 Lokeren 4
15 "Vasland-Beveren" 3
16 "Mouscron" 0

Contenders to win

In Belgium, the national team of which successfully performed at the World Championships held in Russia, taking the honorable third place, there are only a few clubs that can seriously claim the title of the best team in the country. This list includes:

  • "Genk";
  • Brugge;
  • Anderlecht.

“Genk” last season became the main loser of the Pro-League, having managed to get into the Europa League only thanks to the final match in the Belgian Cup, where the team lost to the “Standard”. In the offseason, the club management carried out a point gain, and the coaching staff focused on the attack. All of this bore fruit at the start of the tournament, where, after 6 rounds of “Genk”, only 2 points were inferior to last year’s champion “Brugge”. If the "masters" will be able to maintain the victorious march, then in the current draw they are able to impose competition for the first line.

Brugge conducted a competent transfer campaign and intensified in the run-up to the Champions League. The wards of Ivan Leko do not yet know the defeats in the Pro-League, having beaten their, perhaps, the only serious competitor in the domestic championship - “Anderlecht”. The team scored the most and missed the least. All this inspires optimism to the fans of “black and blue”, but the performance in the Champions League may affect the winning pace of “Brugge”. The modest Belgian club will have to fight in uncompromising matches for leaving the group against Borussia (Dortmund), Atletico (Madrid) and Monaco.

FC Brugge

The busy autumn schedule of Brugge is a great chance for Anderlecht to catch up with its rival. Wards of Hein Wankhazenbruk started the championship shakily or nevertheless and had already managed to lose in black and blue in a principled confrontation. However, the country’s most titled club still has time to correct the situation, especially since the purple-white team in the Europa League is not the most difficult team (Dynamo Zagreb, Trnava, Fenerbahçe). In any case, the main games for Anderlecht will be held in the spring stage of the Pro-League, when the team gets into the top six.

Thus, the Belgian Football Championship 2018-2019 is an exciting tournament, not included in the Top 5 European Indoor Championships. Recently, clubs from this country have significantly added to the class, which allows them to act on an equal footing in the international arena. Watching the Pro League is always interesting, because here teams rarely sit on the defensive, preferring to attack the opponent's gate.

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