Basic wardrobe for every day: a set of things that every woman should have

on 01.06.2016

The necessary minimum of things that must be present in the closet of any woman is consideredbasic wardrobe. It must include clothes, withoutwhich no stylish beauty can do in everyday life, and whowill be able to help out in any situation. Let's see, without which it is difficult to imagine a basic wardrobe.

The main thing in the article

Little black dress and discreet jewelry

As she saidfounderFashion - the legendary Chanel: "Every self-respecting woman should have a little black dress". Indeed, without it, the basic wardrobe cannot be considered complete. There is a secret in it, because it, despite the changeable trends in fashion, always remains at the peak of popularity.
2Little black dress will look great onteenage girl, and on the lady in age, because he is not affected by age restrictions. The only rule that affects a black dress is: “With age, the length of the hem of the dress increases, and the depth of the notch on the chest and back is minimized«.

3But what black dress can do without jewelry? Young girls are recommended to wear bright accessories. For jewelery women, any jewelry will suit perfectly, starting with simple jewelery (a string of pearls) to the most refined of precious metals with expensive stones.
With a black dress should try on:

  • pendant on a chain;
  • beads;
  • exquisite necklace;
  • discreet earrings;
  • bracelets.

In addition to conventional jewelry, you can use:

  • belt in a contrasting color;
  • bag orclutch bag;
  • easy scarf;
  • shawl or cape.

Black dress all under force. Want to look strict?

Dress +restrainedjewelry + day makeup = interesting business woman.

Want to be bright?

All the same - daily makeup + discreet accessories + brightly painted lips with red lipstick = make you a femme fatale.

Base shoes: sneakers, shoes, ballet flats, sandals, boots, ankle boots

Basic shoes- an integral part of the basic wardrobe. Today, any woman will say that there is not a lot of shoes, but I want to highlight the basic models, without which it is simply impossible to do.


The classic version of the shoe should be mandatory. A pointed sock and a small heel will suit any outfit. Color - preferably neutral, which is suitable for clothes of different colors. It is black, white, beige.

Ballet shoes.
Alternative to heel. They sit comfortably on the leg, you can wear them under the skirts and under the pants. The option for every day, the choice of model depends only on the taste of their owner.

Sports shoes should be required. It is convenient to play sports, you can also go for a walk in the park, on the nature.

The main shoes of the summer season, can not do without it. Such shoes without heels are great for everyday wear with dresses and skirts, as well as with jeans, shorts.

It is desirable that they were two pairs.
Some without heels for everyday wear - these can be ugg boots or leather / leatherette rider boots. The choice of boots for every day depends on the style that you practice.
The second "on the way out" should be on the heel. They can be classic with a sharp suede toe or leather with a round toe on a thick square heel.

Ankle boots
Ankle boots always look smart, regardless of whether they are on a heel or a wedge heel.
They look very elegant, and complement the outfit for both the red carpet, and for the office or meeting with girlfriends.


1Trousers- These are narrow pants with arrows along the entire length or without them. Are sewedtrousersin such styles:

  1. Classic cut.
  2. High waisted.
  3. With low waist.
  4. By the ankle.
  5. Shortened 7/8.

These pants could not survive a single wavedemand. They are easily combined with the base shoes described above. You can wear them:

  • with jackets;
  • blouses;
  • different tops;
  • sweatshirts;
  • jackets of different styles.

Straight cut pantsslimmingand visually pull the figure.Trousersas a basic thing will help create a lot of elegant and interesting bows.

Bag accent and comfortable backpack

The ideal option isbag backpack,suchtransformersuitable for any image, from business to sports.If such an accessory is made of good quality material, it will last a long time.

Accessory bag, gives the imagestatusand a peculiar charm. You can wear it in the form of an elegant handbag with a business suit.

Bag backpackin the form of a backpack is worn as an addition to the sports style of clothing.
Universal femalebackpack bagtoday occupies a leading position in the rating convenientaccent accessoriesconfidently gaining status -classics of the modern genre.

Black turtleneck and classic pencil skirt

Turtleneckin itself is a universal type of clothing. In the basic wardrobe is the thing number 1, because it can be worn for a walk, work, visit. On the basis of a black turtleneck, you can create a stylish, suitable for any occasion image.

Pencil skirtalso does not give up their positions and for almost 80 years has been an indispensable clothing in the wardrobe of a stylish woman. It helps to look sophisticated and sexy, while fitting into strictdress code. After all, with its help, it is perfectly emphasized:

  • waistline;
  • leg length;
  • elegant hips bend.

Despite the fact that the "pencil" as the second skin fits the female body, it looks decent and quite appropriate in any situation.

The combination of a black turtleneck and a bright classicpencil skirtssuitable not only for a strict image, but also for a romantic date. These two basic things can be worn together or separately. Each of them can combine the clothes of many styles, different materials, colors and structures.

Men's loose shirt

4Many will say: how can a men's shirt be the basic thing for a woman’s wardrobe? But they say that there is nothing more elegant than a woman in a men's shirt. And this rule is valid not only in the morning or clothes for the house, it is appropriate to wear it on the way out. Therefore, it fits perfectly into the basic wardrobe.

Another legendarycouturierYves Saint Laurent strongly recommended that every elegant woman should have a men's shirt in her closet, since she looks much prettier than many blouses and would be appropriate both in work and daily wear. Ideally, this shirt is combined with:

  • jeans of different styles;
  • narrow skirts of different lengths;
  • classic trousers.

It can be supplemented with a fitted vest or a bright tie. Once having tried on a men's shirt, you will not be able to present your wardrobe without it.

Tip:Wearing a men's shirt should not abuse jewelry. A simple watch, a pair of inconspicuous rings and earrings-studs will be quite enough.

Female jacket

Jacket – This is the indispensable thing of the base wardrobe for many women. This is explained by the fact that it can be worn everywhere and everywhere. In the stores you can find a jacket of any color, from any fabric, different models. This thing is suitable for wearing all year round, as it can be an accent addition to an already created image or act as warming clothing. The main condition that must be respected - the fabric and colors must match the season.
You can wear a jacket with:

  • cocktail dress;
  • skirt and t-shirt;
  • pants trousers;
  • jeans;
  • asymmetrical clothing models.

A women's jacket can be used as a base for rather bold and bold images, so it will look out of place at too formal events.

Low Waist Jeans

Since the basic wardrobe is things that are easily complementary among themselves, and are maximally universal,jeansincluded in it, must comply with such rules:

  1. Be a classic blue.
  2. Straight cut, as it is suitable for any shape.
  3. Perfect to sit on you.

The owner of slender legs will fit tight jeans with a low waist, and ladies with appetizing forms should prefer a straight cut.

Jeans can be called long-livers of any wardrobe. They are so versatile that it is unnecessary to talk about combining them with other items of clothing. Having got qualitative jeans, you will get a reliable basis of the whole section of clothes. With their help, you can create many bright images at any time of the year.

Pastel Color Jumper & Trench Coat

7Trench coathas long been considered the subject of basic wardrobe. It gives a stylish touch to any image. Trench bed color suitable for different images and all sorts of cases. It goes well with skirts, dresses and pants.

It is important to wear it in the fall and spring with a high heel or wedge. So he will maximally reveal all his charm, making a woman stylish and extravagant.

8One more irreplaceable detail for creating a base -jumper. Today you can meet:

  • jumper dress;
  • big jumper;
  • jumper tunic;
  • shortened jumper;
  • asymmetric model.

The product can be made in a business, romantic or sports style. Which option fits your wardrobe - decide for yourself. Below we present some interesting images on the base of the jumper.

Dark Cashmere Coat

Cashmere has always emphasized the status and exclusive taste. Such a coat, like the little black dress, should have every woman. It can be demi-season or winter.
8The main advantages of such a thing should include:

  • softness and lightness;
  • luxurious look;
  • a feeling of comfort;
  • there are no creases visible on it.

Interesting fact:Mountain goat down is used to create cashmere. In a season from one such goat it is possible to comb only 200 g of down. To create one shortened coat you need to comb 8 goats.

Cashmere coat models are numerous, each lady chooses what she likes. I would like to note that dark cashmere is more practical, therefore, introducing a cashmere coat into the basic wardrobe, give preference to dark tones.

mWith the main base we met.Now, having in your wardrobe the above described necessary minimum of clothing items, you will easily create many original and unique images and bows. However, they will be different in style and direction, but the things that will be used in the images will remain unchanged. Try to experiment, adding to the basis of the wardrobe all sorts of accessories and interesting things. Create stylish combinations and wear them with confidence. Go ahead, and you will not go unnoticed.

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