Backache: reasons and treatment

Lumbago in lumbago in medicine is called lumbago. This is an acute pain attack, most often due to osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia. It can continue for several minutes, hours.

backacheBackache: causes and manifestations

Osteochondrosis leads to less spacebetween the vertebrae, because of what happens their clamping and squeezing. Nerve branches of the spinal cord become inflamed, causing a piercing pain, which in turn generates muscle spasm. In the case of an intervertebral hernia, the nerve roots are clamped by a disc that has fallen out, and it can fall out due to a sudden lifting of weights. In addition to acute pain in the lumbar region, patients sometimes complain of headaches. The provoking factor for the appearance of such symptoms is muscular overstrain, which can happen because of extreme physical exertion, hypothermia or overheating, and then abrupt cooling of the body, colds, long-term finding in an uncomfortable position. Also lumbago can occur due to injuries (with bruises, displacement of the vertebrae), tumors, infections.

lumbago in the lower backIdentical with the lumbago cause of origin hasanother pathology is the so-called lumbargia, characterized by prolonged aching pain in the lumbar region. Often combined lumbago and sciatica - lumboishialgia. In this state of pain can be either sharp or aching, piercing or pulsing. They feel deeply in the ligaments, muscles, bones and intensify during walking, physical stress, with coughing. Such pain can spread to the legs and buttocks. Because of the strain of the muscles of the back, the person is forced to freeze in a bent position, he does not have the opportunity to straighten. Lumbar lacerations eventually occur more often as the development of intervertebral disks of the dystrophic processes develops in the tissues. They become more intense and prolonged. As a result, in the absence of treatment, everything can end with persistent numbness of the legs and disability.

backpackBackache: treatment

The main measures that can be taken whenlumbago - is the provision of rest, rubbing the affected area with various anesthetic ointments, the use of mustard plasters, cans, taking painkillers. But such methods can only temporarily diminish the lumbago in the lower back. If suddenly you undergo hypothermia or make some awkward movement, pick up a heavy object, the attack again will necessarily arise. To eliminate lumbago qualitatively, it is necessary to influence the root cause, that is, it is necessary in the tissues of the intervertebral discs to restore metabolic processes and thereby eliminate the squeezing of the roots of the nerves. This can be achieved by reflex-, osteo- and physiotherapy, manual therapy. It should be used together with acupuncture, massage (spot) and other procedures. This will eliminate muscle spasms, normalize the load on the spine, improve nutrition of nerve endings. If the lumbago in the back happens due to the intervertebral hernia, treatment will take a long time.

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Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment Backache: reasons and treatment