"Azinox Plus" for dogs: instruction manual, reviews

Deworming of dogs can be carried out both with the appearance of parasites, and as a preventive measure, to protect the animal. There are many tools that can save a pet from helminths. Each of them has its pros and cons. In the article we will talk about tablets "Azinoks Plus" for dogs, the instruction to which promises high efficiency of the drug. Is this true? Let's understand.

General information

The anthelmintic agent "Azinox Plus" is available in the form of flat tablets of yellow color with a specific smell. The drug goes on sale in blisters for 3 or 6 tablets. Each of them contains information about the name of the product, the name of the manufacturer, shelf life, dosage, serial number. Blister is packed in a cardboard box, which additionally contains instructions with all the necessary information.

azinoks plus for dogs instruction

Keep the tablets in a dry place protected from the sun, away from food, no more than three years from the time of their manufacture at temperatures from -10 to + 25 degrees.

How much does the anthelmintic preparation "Azinox Plus" cost? The price may differ depending on the point of sale and is within 15-30 rubles per one tablet.

Composition of the preparation and its pharmacological properties

What components are included in the tablets "Azinoks Plus" for dogs? The instruction attached to the preparation provides the following information.

The main active substances of the drug are praziquantel and pyranthel pamoate. In addition, there are also auxiliary substances in the form of lactose and potato starch.

Tablets "Azinoks Plus" damage the outer and inner membrane, as well as the muscle tissue of the parasite. This leads to the blocking of neuromuscular innervation, paralysis and death of the helminth.

Indications for use

With the help of tablets "Azinoks Plus" can be conducted as deworming dogs, and prevention from the appearance of parasites. The drug can be used in the following cases:

  • ankylostomatosis;
  • shadows;
  • dipilidiosis;
  • multiceps;
  • schistosomiasis;
  • unnicarious disease;
  • echinoccosis;
  • hydatigerosis;
  • diphyllobothriasis;
  • mesocestidosis;
  • opisthorchiasis;
  • schistosomiasis;
  • toxocariasis.

The agent shows high effectiveness in the fight with both adult helminths, and with their eggs and larvae.

Contraindications and side effects

In what situations is it forbidden to use the drug "Azinoks Plus" for dogs? Instruction for use highlights the following cases:

  • If the puppy does not turn 3 of the week;
  • if after the birth of a nursing bitches, less than 14 days have passed.

dehelminthization of dogsIf the doses of the drug are correctly observed, no side effects have been identified. At the same time, if hypersensitivity is detected to the components of the remedy or to the appearance of allergic reactions, then the use of tablets against helminths "Azinox Plus" should be avoided in the future.

Method and features of application

How correctly to use the preparation "Azinoks Plus" for dogs? The instruction will once again come to the rescue to resolve this issue.azinox plus price

It starts with the fact that the tablets are designed for a single use. Give the drug is necessary in the morning, mixing it with food animals, or do it forcibly. In this case, there is no need to use additional therapies in the form of laxatives or a previous hunger diet.

The required dose is determined based on the body weight of the pet, from the calculation of the 1 tablet for every 10 kilogram of weight.

The use of tablets for preventive purposes provides for their reception with the same doses as in previous cases, 1 times in 90 days (three months). At the same time, in animals that live in flocks or farms, the frequency of application of the remedy is reduced to 45 days in the period from December to April and up to 30 days from May to November. Treatments should be carried out on special asphalted areas, which were previously treated with a solution of bleach.

Reviews about the drug

What do owners of pets have to say about the above-described facility? Do they confirm the effectiveness declared by the manufacturer? To give an accurate answer to these questions, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the reviews of this preparation left by the owners of the animals.acinox plus tablets

Virtually all the words to the tablets "Azinox Plus" are positive. Dog owners are satisfied with the effectiveness of the drug and its safety for the pet. The agent showed a rapid action and a long-term preservation of the achieved result. There is also an excellent efficacy of the drug when used for preventive purposes.

The next item is convenience in use, since you can give tablets directly with food.

One can not but rejoice at the low cost of the drug in combination with its excellent characteristics and a sufficiently long shelf life.

The main disadvantage is that it can not be used for puppies less than three weeks of age.

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