Autumn Paper Crafts

Autumn crafts do not necessarily have to be from natural materials. If you have a child, it will be interesting for him to make them with his own hands from bright colored paper. We have prepared for you a selection of ideas on the theme of “autumn”, which can be taken to a school or kindergarten for a holiday or competition.

ideas of autumn crafts
We picked up some of the most popular, as well as a number of unusual ideas. Some of them are so simple that even a preschooler can handle them without your help. There are more complex, time-consuming crafts that can be entrusted to a responsible and prudent student.

We advise you to immediately take a look at our selection of leaf stencils, because they may be needed in almost every master class. Save pictures with ideas of autumn crafts on a computer or print on paper as an example, and then get down to business. Step-by-step instructions will help you not to get confused.


Halloween is coming, and even the smallest will be able to participate in it.Even a kindergartenman can make a pumpkin out of colored paper. If you need a paperwork on the autumn theme in kindergarten, this is a great option. It can be used both independently and as part of a large composition.

paper pumpkin

Take yellow or orange colored paper. Spill it in 1-2 cm (depending on the size of the craft). Make 2 strips of the same length, 2 others - shorter by 0.5-1 cm, 2 following ones - even shorter, etc.

We fasten 2 strips. Twist in the center and secure with a stapler or glue. Add the following 2. So until the end, until you collect all the crafts. On top, add a green leaf, cut out on the stencil.

If you make paper with several such small pumpkins, you can collect a beautiful autumn garland and take it to school for a holiday.

More ideas for Halloween are here.


Make cute paper amanitas so easy that your child can do this job independently. Just show him exactly how to assemble them, make sure that he understands them, and then you can just watch.

paper amanitas

It is best to use toilet paper sleeves as a mushroom foot - pre-assemble them for this autumn craft.If this is not possible, just twist similar tubes out of cardboard, and smear the edge with glue to hold it tight.

Pasting the foot with white paper completely. Then cut a strip about 3-4 cm wide. Make it like fringe. Fastened to the leg. Next, we use red paper - we twist the cap.

You can not stick the hat - it will sit down so well. We will make spots for amanita cotton wool. Tear off a little piece. Dip it in stationery glue and attach to paper.

You can make several such fly-agaric, put them on a colored cardboard, and scatter around the real or paper autumn leaves. This crafts can be safely carried to the competition in kindergarten.


Hanging paper decoration goes well with autumn leaves. This craft can decorate the room of the child.

paper hedgehog

First you need to copy or print the stencil hedgehog. Use this or any other template.

hedgehog stencil

Hedgehog is best painted on cardboard, and then paste it with colored paper on both sides. In the central part of the craft we stick bright autumn leaves: paper or real.Pre-these leaves are best painted with bright oil paints.

Make a hedgehog legs of beads and cardboard, hang them on the thread. If a breeze blows, your autumn hedgehog seems to run.

Autumn forest

Bulk birches or oaks can perfectly complement a large autumn crafts in kindergarten or primary school. It will also be interesting to play with them - usually children like to do it.

paper trees

For the basis we take the sleeves from toilet paper. If they are not, simply roll the tubes and glue them around the edge. The future trunk needs to be pasted over with colored or white paper. Add a few strokes with a felt tip pen.

Crown trees cut out of cardboard. Further two options:

  1. Paint them with oil paints. We take the brightest, make several strokes, wait for drying, repeat. So until we fill the whole crown.
  2. We tear bright colored paper into small pieces (no more than 1 cm). We coat the crown with PVA glue and fasten our paper “leaves” in no particular order.

Make two small cuts on the sleeve so that the crown can be securely fixed. If you make a few trees and put them on a cardboard box, and then add a few animals from cones or chestnuts, you get a great autumn composition.


Garlands of autumn leaves are very fond of kindergartens and schools. If you decide to tackle this craft, make a few threads and to decorate the house - they will immediately add comfort.

a garland of autumn leaves

The first step is to prepare a lot of paper leaves. We advise you to print ready-made stencils on a color printer. You can also print or copy just one piece of paper on white paper, and then transfer it to color.

It is very convenient to fold a stack of 5-6 sheets and cut the leaves at once in several pieces. True, sometimes with maple leaves not very smooth. In a word, practice and find the best option, as you need a lot of leaves.

For this craft it is best to take two-sided colored paper, as the leaves will constantly spin - the white side will ruin the picture. You can replace the paper with cardboard or shiny packaging foil.

autumn garland

Leaflets need to be attached to the thread. You can sew them (very convenient to stitch on a typewriter, if it is cardboard). Or simply make 2-3 stitches along the length of the sheet. If you want to make a garland not a “rain”, but a continuous hanging thread, make one hole in the base of the sheet.Insert enough tight rope into it.

The more there will be threads and paper sheets, the more beautiful the autumn hack will turn out. If you do not have such a quantity of colored cardboard or paper, you can paint each sheet with watercolor and add veins with a felt-tip pen.


A beautiful cardboard tree can be part of a great crafts or an independent accessory. It can be made absolutely tiny or even meter - it all depends on what your goal is.

paper tree

First you need to draw a tree on the workpiece. We advise you to use a ready-made stencil to simplify your task. Print it or copy it. Then cut it out of cardboard in duplicate.

We should have two identical trees. We fold one of them exactly in the middle (lengthwise). Then we make a cut along this fold so that the workpiece can be planted on the second tree from above. If the silhouette of the tree does not allow this, the incision can be made at the top of the crown.

It remains only to cut a lot of leaves out of paper and stick them to the branches. If necessary, use paints.

By the way, in this way you can make cardboard trees for various performances or productions in school and kindergarten. Take note of this idea.

Bright print

The smallest definitely like this craft. It is very simple, but making it is so funny that any child will be delighted.

autumn leaf print

We advise you to cover the table with newspapers or sheets of paper, because paint can splash it. We need real autumn leaves: dried or fresh. It is better to take a few different ones to make the work more interesting.

We take gouache and we coat a sheet with a thick layer. Mix colors, make one half yellow, and the other red. Or play with them even more. You can paint the sheet completely or put a few points. It is advisable to pay attention to edges and streaks, so that the imprint is more distinct.

Then simply press the blank against white or colored paper. Do so with a few sheets to paint a beautiful picture. If something did not succeed, simply draw the necessary with a brush or felt-tip pens.

autumn prints

With the help of this technique you can draw very beautiful pictures that will be excellent autumn crafts for school.


You can make excellent volume cards on the theme of “autumn” out of colored paper with your own hands. In addition, they can be part of a big picture for a kindergarten competition.

paper mushrooms

We suggest you understand this technique using a simple example.To make such amanitas, you need to cut a minimum of parts. Leg shape resembles a pear. For the hat you need to cut a rectangle. Mentally fold it in half: this length will correspond to the size of the cap.

We start to bend the rectangle with an accordion after 0.5 or 1 cm (depending on the size of the desired crafts). Then we fold it in half, fix it with a bracket or glue it along the butt edge.

Fasten to the cardboard first leg, then the cap. Add circles (speckles on the mushroom), make green grass.

The same technique is suitable for other autumn applications. For example, you can make a picture in the form of umbrellas and draw a leaf fall.

Autumn panel

The whole essence of leaf fall in one picture. This autumn paperwork is simple, but even an older child can safely carry it to school - for example, in 3rd or 4th grade. The fact is that she has a special meaning, and the teacher will appreciate it.

autumn card

We need a large cardboard sheet. Paint it with watercolors or colored pencils. Not too bright, but a bit muffled.

We cut out on the stencil several small leaves. Most of all look the same, but the variety will not spoil the picture.

Add a saxophone.It can be cut on the stencil or draw yourself.

saxophone pattern

Now we need the usual punch. With it, we make a lot of holes in colored paper. We will need the circles themselves. Fix them on glue. Add a few strokes with a color pencil.

This is what the music of autumn looks like. Your piece of paper made from ordinary paper turned out to be very beautiful, cozy and warm, didn't it?


Lovers of brains are encouraged to do the autumn crafts in the technique of origami. Kids won't cope with this, so this kind of work is suitable only for schoolchildren. Earlier we already told you what origami is and how to work in this technique.

Step-by-step technique is rather difficult to perceive in the text. Therefore, we advise you to watch this detailed video instruction. Take the sheet in hand and begin to fold after the author. Such leaves can be attached to a large craft or just make them for the soul.

We hope that you are inspired by this collection of ideas. As you can see, it is possible to make a beautiful autumn crafts with your own hands even from ordinary paper - just a little fantasy. Your child should like this work.Most likely, it will be fun to do it.

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