Autumn crafts from vegetables in kindergarten and school

Good day! All parents whose children attend kindergartens and schools are well aware of the traditional autumn exhibitions of handicrafts made from natural material, vegetables and fruits. In general, these crafts are created from the gifts of autumn. Such crafts can be thought up and done in advance according to your own project, but if you started spinning and forgot about this event, and the child puzzled you in the evening with the news that “tomorrow is the last day and you need to bring it urgently”, there is no time to think and everything should be done quickly. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about how to make crafts from vegetables. For you, we will offer several options for such crafts.

Creativity gives us extraordinary emotions and pleasant pastime. In the fall, mothers with children, as well as teachers with pupils in kindergarten, make crafts with vegetables on the theme of autumn. Do not be surprised that vegetables are suitable for creating crafts! It is worth saying that many people really make unusual things from them. And if children are connected to this occupation, then they develop their horizons and improve their knowledge.

Smeshariki from vegetables

If you turn on your imagination, then you will get these funny characters. And in order to look bright, you need to make some details of their image from plasticine. Eyes can be cut out of paper and attached to plasticine.

Broccoli Lamb

A snow white lamb can work if you use broccoli to create it. Just connect the inflorescences with each other with the help of toothpicks and make a muzzle. Horns are cut separately, and you can cut them out immediately, if the form allows.

поделки из овощей фото

Eggplant and broccoli

From eggplant just need to cut off the strip, for its stability. And she will still come in handy for us, in no case should we throw it out. We sort cabbage into inflorescences, which would be similar to wool curls. Toothpicks are attached to the eggplant.

Cut a lamb nozzle from the pepper and attach it to the eggplant. From the olives we make eyes, and we cut our cut off strip in half, we get sheep ears, we also attach them to the craft. Sheep is very similar to the cartoon.

Cucumber Crocodile Gena

Which of the children (and adults) does not know the famous cartoon character? We take 2 cucumbers (one necessarily with a slight bend), a small piece of carrot and again toothpicks.

We cut the straight cucumber along in half, and from the crooked we will make the torso. Cut the ass off the cut halves, it will be the crocodile's head. Curved cucumber - torso - set the nose down.

We fasten one of the halves to the lower part of it with a toothpick - this will be the tail; From one of the ass, cutting it in half, you can make the legs and attach them also with toothpicks.

We fasten the muzzle to the upper part of the body; from the bottom we make it “toothy” with the help of notches. From the carrot we make eye cups and attach them to the face. Fun and easy!

Eggplant Penguins

In the autumn of blue eggplant vegetables can get beautiful penguin. We take an eggplant, the stem on it is required. You will also need decorative beads, a knife, toothpicks and 2 pins.

Cut off one striped eggplant without hitting the stem. Abdomen ready. From the bottom (thick) part we cut off a little to give stability to the figure. We get wings like this: we make cuts from the sides and bend them outwards. Beads - eyes fasten on the head, cut out the rest of the necessary details from the carrot and fasten them to the figure. Run to the exhibition!

Cabbage Hare

Use cabbage forks to create a bunny with a funny face. Attach the ears of cabbage leaves, and for the hands, use slices of black bread. Instead of legs there is a potato, and a tomato for the nose.

Funny little men of pumpkin

Want to see crafts on the subject of autumn vegetables, then this article will be necessary. From the pumpkin you can make funny little people. They can be made not only from pumpkins, but also from eggplants or zucchini.

We cut out the facial features with an ordinary knife, if they are asymmetrical, it's okay, just make them more fun. And if you need not only a head with a face, but also a body with arms and legs, then you can make it out of sticks or pieces of vegetables attached in the same way with toothpicks.

As you can see, from vegetables you can make a wide variety of crafts. And such crafts can be special. And all because of the fact that used vegetables and fruits. So try and you do an interesting affair. Make the brightest crafts that will delight everyone without exception.

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