Applications and characteristics of flat driving belts

Flat drive belts are widely demanded in production. They are used to complete the machine. The main purpose of these products is to transfer torque (which is mechanical energy) between the drive and driven shaft. From the reliability and quality of this element significantly depends on the productivity of industrial equipment. Therefore, if you need a flat belt for the machine, then you need to buy it only from a trusted manufacturer who is trusted by consumers. In particular, such a fame from the company "Holzer". But first it is worth more detailed understanding of the features of these rubber products, in order to evaluate their operational properties.

Spheres of application

Flat drive belts are mandatory components of many machines and industrial equipment. They are used in various fields and industries:

  • textile production.Belts are used to bundle spinning and carding machines;
  • poultry farm. They are one of the elements of the equipment of the pilaster (for removing feathers);
  • bakery. Dough mixers, roller mills, ovens with convection;
  • dairy industry. Used when equipping sprayers dryers for milk;
  • meat-canning sphere. Installed on the drive cutters, lines for the production of tin cans;
  • metal industry (on lathes);
  • polygraphic and cardboard production. Complete cutting presses, printing machines, folder-gluing units;
  • woodworking industry. Used to equip shape-milling 4-sided machines.

In addition, flat driving belts have been used in the packaging industry. They are installed on special welding machines that are used to create plastic bags.

Optimum performance

The choice of drive flat belts is a very sensitive issue. Given the seriousness of the applications, it is important to understand that only truly high-quality rubber products can cope with such difficult tasks.Otherwise, they will not be able to withstand high dynamic loads, to ensure proper equipment performance.

To choose the right belt, it is important to pay attention to the basic parameters: thickness, length and width. It is necessary to choose a product taking into account production characteristics of machines and industrial equipment. Usually, the manufacturer, among the main information, indicates on which pulley diameter this or that size is calculated.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • efficiency indicator. In high-quality goods, it is equal to 95–98%; if lower, a rubber product will not be able to provide adequate performance;
  • shape stability. That is, a good flat belt should not be deformed during operation;
  • the possibility of ensuring a quiet, low-noise and vibration-proof equipment course, the easing of dynamic loads;
  • chemical inertness towards aggressive media and liquids.

In addition, it is better to choose a product that can be repaired. Low-quality cheap goods most often belong to the category of disposable, which can not be repaired.

Choose quality

How to understand how good can be a flat drive belt? Everything is quite simple - you should pay attention to the place of purchase and the name of the manufacturer. Reputable companies, such as Holzer, keep track of their reputation and compete for the client with honest methods: providing favorable conditions, low prices and a wide choice.

In addition to the products mentioned, the range also includes components of a different type for various industries: asbestos products, motors (asynchronous), conveyor chains and ribbons, fasteners, felt, dielectric galoshes and carpets, basalt materials, etc. site. Also in the catalog is a nomenclature of goods.

The fact that the company strictly controls the quality of the goods, provides warranty service and low prices also speaks in favor of choosing products. Delivery is possible in all cities of Russia. Holzer is also ready to offer comprehensive solutions for production lines and workshops. A wide range of products is available, which reduces the waiting time for receiving the goods.However, if there is no necessary rubber products, then you can leave a request for the supply or manufacture.

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Applications and characteristics of flat driving belts 80

Applications and characteristics of flat driving belts 80

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