Anime "High School Demons": Characters and Their Stories

In the anime "High School of Demons" characters of threeraces bribe spectators with their abilities, openness and diversity of characters. During the show on the screen you could see different characters who pursue their interests, live and fight on their own principles. Everyone will find for himself from the total number of personalities shown the most interesting.

Main character

Of all the characters of the "Senior School of Demons" inanime the most memorable protagonist. His name is Issey Hyodo, and he has a special vision of the relationship between a girl and a boy. He turned into a demon, for after the murder on his first date the archangel was saved by his death wish. The guy takes care of his girlfriend of Asia, though she does not notice her feelings. At first glance, we can conclude that it is rather weak, because the magical abilities are not even on an average level. Only here in battle his strength doubles every ten seconds. It is enough for him to hold out a little time, and then the enemy will not be well.high school demons

Two strong demonesses

Among the characters of the "Senior School of Demons" RiasGremory belongs to the main characters. This girl from an ancient family is sister of the very Sazeksa Lucifer, who wears the title of Satan. She owns the territory of the city, where is the house and school of Issa. Secretly in love with a guy, but will reveal his feelings only in the course of the plot. In his team of demons has the highest rank of the king. Looks always domineering and heads the school club of occult scientific research, which includes the second-strong demoness Akeno Himejima. In ordinary life, she tries to be kind and sensual to all her friends. When the battle time comes, it turns into a bloodthirsty creature with love for torture and sadism. Born from the union of the priestess and one fallen angel. Specializes in lightning attack, which is actively used in combat. At each meeting with Isseem tries to seduce the guy, because he feels strong feelings towards him. It is much inferior in popularity to Rias, but in the club is in second place.anime demons high school characters

Issey's friend

Many girls in anime among all the characters"High School of Demons" like the nun Asia Argento. She came from abroad and accidentally ran into Issei in the city. The heroine is experiencing problems with development in Japan, because he does not understand the local culture at all. It can heal people, as well as demons, with the help of its Holy Mechanism. In her native country, the church exalted her because of this ability, but people ceased to treat her as an equal to herself. At first the girl was considered to be a creature with superpowers, and later - for curing a demon - was branded as a witch. After the expulsion she was picked up by fallen angels, so Asiya began to cooperate with rejected exorcists. Later was attacked from the Reinal for having an artifact for healing. Salvation came from Isaiah, who contributed to the resurrection of his girlfriend. From that moment, the former nun became a demon and began to play the role of support. She feels feelings for the protagonist, but he does not notice them, and writes off all the oddities about ignorance of the culture of Japan.High School Demons against the Fallen Characters

One of the strangest heroes

In the anime "High School of Demons" Gasper Vladiis one of the most bizarre personalities. He is half a vampire and at the same time a talented magician who easily contracts with other demons. His feature is that he avoids all contact with other personalities in every possible way. He conducts all actions through the Internet and tries to limit himself completely from society. His another oddity can be considered a love of women's clothing, in which a vampire often dresses. In the Rias team, he performs an important function, because he knows how to use his holy mechanism to stop time for everything that falls within his vision. His life before getting to know the team leader was rather difficult. Vampires despised the guy for uncleanliness, and people tried to kill, because they saw a monster in front of him. One of the hunters managed to do this, after which Gaspera resurrected Rias and took her to her group. He completely submits to the commander and in battle demonstrates all his might.demons of high school names of characters

The favorite of the audience

Like in any other anime, in "High Schooldemons against the fallen "a character beloved by all beings of the opposite sex is necessarily present. His name is Kiba Yuto, and he also enters the club of occult studies. Girls madly like his appearance and behavior, and because of this hero can not tolerate Issei. Even in my childhood I came under the influence of the church because of my obedience and tolerance. That is why they decided to make him an artificial bearer of Excalibur together with other children. The experiment failed, and the experimental subjects decided to kill with deadly gas. Kiba managed to escape, but at that moment he had already inhaled his portion of substance. At death, he was found by Rias and turned into a demon. The girl gave him a new name, and from the past "Izai" the hero decided to get rid of. In the group, Rias Gremory plays the role of creator of demonic swords with any properties. He does it with the help of his holy mechanism. Kiba can also create weapons with a holy, not just a demonic force.demons of high school characters biography

Fan of Faith

In the anime "High School of Demons" the names of the charactersIt is rather difficult to remember, but the image of Zenovia Quart immediately postponed in memory. This fanatical adherent of faith was at first a Catholic agent of the Vatican and carried out various assignments from the church. Already from a young age she managed to enter the ranks of exorcists, because she blindly believed in a righteous struggle with dark creatures. For her efforts she deserved high status in the organization and full trust in the highest ranks of the Vatican. Excellent cope with the holy sword "Dyurandal". In one of the missions, she pursued the criminal who had stolen the Excalibur. In his tracks, the girl arrives in Japan, where she learns a terrible secret. For this knowledge she is excommunicated from the church, and the completely broken heroine with the lost meaning of life joins Rias Gremory. In the guise of the demon, Zenovia had the goal of giving birth and raising her own child. As a father, he wants to see the main character. Later, she saw her former partner on the team Irina and re-friends with her on the plot.demons of high school characters list

Two more demons

Competitor Rias in the anime "High School of Demons"from the list of characters is Vali Lucifer - the descendant of the strongest of his race hero. He heads the same brigade and is very powerful. This primarily applies to the vast amount of magical energy and the holy mechanism of Wali. When the enemy touches him physically, half of his strength goes to Lucifer and leaves the enemy's body. In this way, the character managed to defeat many enemies, including Kokabiel. The second demon is the last member of the Rias Gremory team named Rossvays. The girl used to be a Valkyriya and was part of Odin's personal guard, but he abandoned her. After that, she was turned into a demon, and she entered the Rias team. When fighting with opponents often uses the techniques of Scandinavian magic. In ordinary life Rossvays always save money and goes shopping only during the time of discounts. He tries to follow his grandmother and keep in touch with the only native person.demons of high school as the name of the characters

Fallen angels

In the anime "High School of Demons" biographyThe characters from the race of fallen angels are similar to each other. They were all cast out of heaven for their wicked thoughts. After that, Azazel united them around him and became a unanimous leader. His interests include the search for ways to renew and study all the saints by the mechanism. Such devices he collects, and on the basis of the obtained data creates new ones, which are inferior in power to the original, but are useful in combat. Under his command, Kokabiel fought until he was killed because of the desire for an untimely end to the war. Barakiel is also considered one of the leaders of the race, although he is inferior to Azazel. He is the father of Akeno, born of a marriage to a human priestess. The last known fallen angel is Raynal, who killed Issa in his human life when she pretended to be a girl in love with him. In the anime, this happened even in the initial series, on which the further narrative is based.the names of the characters from the anime demons of high school

Converted Angel

The names of the characters from the anime "High School of Demons"rather complex, but the main church agent Irina Sido is different in this regard. The girl throughout her life faithfully served the church, performed any tasks and obediently obeyed the Vatican. When she was told that the biblical god had died, she was not in despair. The news only strengthened her faith in the righteousness of the struggle. During the service in the detachment of exorcists Irina was the owner of Excalibur Imitation. Later, for his services to the church with the help of a special device "Holy Courage" was turned into an angel. Due to peace with the demons, she became a representative of her race in the Rias team. She was a companion of Zenovia and was able to restore her friendship with a former companion at that time.

The main angels

What are the names of the characters of the "Senior School of Demons" fromthe leadership of the race of angels, knows every fan. Higher orders come from the archangel Michael. He began to rule after the death of the biblical god, and devotes all his strength to preventing a possible new war of the three races. The head is not bad about Issei, he considers the supreme goal to support the world. In this he to the best of his ability another strong representative of the race of angels Dulio Gesualdo. At one time he was also a man who, in the rank of exorcist, spent many years fighting evil. For this he was awarded the entry into the ranks of angels. Of all reborn creatures is considered the strongest. Dulio is the main candidate for the Seraphim. In battle, he uses all his ten wings and is able to fight equally with the most powerful demons.


This anime in style is similar to "Sevenmortal sins, "and many users confuse the characters. In the Japanese series "High School of Demons", the characters of Gil (girl's name) do not exist even among the dragons, unlike the first mentioned work. The beings of this race are in hibernation, dead or imprisoned in holy mechanisms. It is believed that in ancient times, when the wars between demons and angels did not end, the dragons always observed neutrality in most cases. They can not be killed by time, since the account of their years is endless. By nature, proud and cruel, for which they were feared and admired by them. In the anime, they are rarely mentioned.

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