Amphibious ATV Quadski

The idea of ​​a universal vehicle is manyyears excites the minds of the best engineers of our planet. American company Gibbs Sports Amphibians after 15 years of hard work introduced a novelty in engineering - quadrocycle (quad-bicycle) Quadski.

amphibian quad bike

The name of this unit was obtained from the mergertwo English words: quad (quad) and jetski (the brand name of the hydrocycle), that is Quadski is a quadrohydrocycle. Immediately become clear the purpose and functions of this machine - movement both overland (including off-road), and on the water surface.

Durability and reliability for extreme use

Quad-Amphibian ATV was developed withtaking into account high loads in conditions of extreme driving. The body of the machine is made of durable plastic, which has high wear resistance and provides protection of units and aggregates against moisture ingress. For the frame material and most of the suspension elements, forged aluminum is chosen, which, with its relatively small mass, gives the structure the necessary rigidity and strength.

ATV amphibious vehicle

Quadruple-amphibious hands - a dream orreality? Taking into account the aforesaid, as well as the fact that it took more than ten years to develop this machine from leading foreign engineers, one can come to the following conclusion: to make a quadrohydrocycle from scratch or to convert from a quad in its garage "on the knee" in most people is unlikely it will turn out. Therefore, it is better to study the finished version from the company GIBBS.

Main technical characteristics

Amphibious quad bike Quadski is equipped witha four-cylinder gasoline engine manufactured by BMW with a working volume of 1.3 liters and a useful power of 140 horsepower, which allows the car to reach a top speed of 72 km / h in any mode. The transmission is represented by a five-speed electromechanical transmission. The machine is equipped with a water jet, made in the form of a nozzle, combined with the main engine, and a five-bladed impeller made of stainless steel. The volume of the gas tank reaches 57 liters, this number, according to users, is enough to overcome about 500 km by land (fuel consumption when driving on water is much higher).

ATV Amphibious Photo

Quadski variants allow the ownernot only to choose the body color, but also to determine the number of passengers: the XL version can transport two extreme lovers, while the usual Quadski is designed for only one passenger. Amphibian-ATV has a total load capacity of 120 and 185 kg for the conventional and XL version, respectively.

Transformation into amphibian regime

The transition from land movement to water movement is notinstant, is carried out by pressing a special button. For about 5 seconds, the transformation takes place, with the wheels almost completely disappearing in special arches. The motorcycle is ready for swimming.

Any person can become the owner of Quadski, forit is not necessary to attend a special course or to receive a special permit. Quadro amphibian (photo hardly reflects all the power and versatility of this car) is designed for active, courageous, energetic people who prefer extreme rest and highly appreciate freedom of movement.

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