AMD FX 8300: overview of the processor family

AMD company - world famous manufacturerhardware for personal computers and other equipment. It is a direct competitor to other large companies (Intel and Nvidia). AMD specializes in the production of central processors and new technologies in this field. After merging with ATI, the company also began to produce video cards for computers.

In this article we will talk about a new familyprocessors AMD - FX 8300. Below are analyzed and described all the technical characteristics of the chipset, its possible cost, performance tests and a review of the whole family of processors.

amd fx 8300

When did this series appear?

This family of processors was announced inmid-2012. For the chipset, the AM3 + platform and the Piledriver architecture were chosen. Processors have replaced the first generation AM3. At the end of 2012, simultaneously with the line of AMD FX 8300, FX 4300 and FX 6300 are on sale. The first family implementations began in Japan. You can buy any processor of this budget series in Russia today. In order to understand the meaning of the names of these processors, let's look at the meaning of each digit in the code name of the chipset.

Explanation of the name

The first digit in the processor name 8 meansNumber of Cores. Then follows the figure 3, which determines the belonging to a certain family. In this case, the triple means just the generation of Vishera. The last two digits affect the processor clock speed. From this we can conclude that AMD FX 8300 is the general name of the series.

amd fx 8300 review

In this family of eight-core processorsbased Vishera today includes FX 8320, FX 8320E, FX 8350, FX 8370, FX 8370E. Based on the encoding, you can understand that these processors are arranged in order of increasing the clock frequency. From the general lineup, two flagship chipsets are distinguished: FX-9370 and FX-9590. Their distinctive feature is high possibilities for overclocking and increasing performance.

However, the processor family can alsoboast excellent overclocking qualities, but about this a little later. The Turbo Core system allows you to overclock the parameters of the processor in an automatic mode, which will help to protect the computer from unwanted overloads and at the same time give the maximum performance.

The youngest AMD FX 8300: review of the model

FX 8320E is the weakest and the leastprocessor in the line Vishera. Comparative tests with competitors in the same price category prove that the processor does not show itself very clearly at high loads. However, for its cost (about $ 150), this chipset is pretty good. In the game testing, the processor was on par with the Core i5. At the same time, the FX 8320E is much cheaper than its competitor from Intel. It is worth mentioning that AMD is leading a more profitable price policy for customers, in comparison with Intel. AMD FX 8300 processor is an excellent budget option for those who do not run for top and powerful configurations, but at the same time prefer to use a smart and productive device. According to the overall performance rating, the processor has not far gone from the quad-core Phenom II generation.

processor amd fx 8300


This processor is the weakest infamily AMD FX 8300. The test showed that the chipset as a whole copes and produces stable performance for its money, but even to the average in today's processor market it is far away. FX 8320E is suitable for a user with a limited budget. Those who need the most advanced technology, it is recommended to switch to Intel products, since the version from AMD is outdated technically for a couple of years. Let's move on to the next generation process of Vishera.

AMD FX 8300: overview of the most powerful processor of the family

Separate each processor separatelyIt makes a lot of sense, because they differ little in performance. So let's move on to the most powerful and relatively expensive FX 8370E. This processor operates at a frequency of up to 4.3 GHz. To save the 95 W heat pack indicated in the characteristics, the creators cut the standard frequency to 3.3 GHz without overclocking from the Turbo. This model is also budgetary: its cost starts from $ 200. It's worth mentioning that the entire 8300 series has no differences in cache memory.

amd fx 8300 overclock


By performance this option, by itself,is the best of the entire line. In the test, 3D Mark is catching up with the Intel Core i5 3570K. In game tests, roughly all the processors in this line are at the same level. Still, most of the performance in modern games falls on the shoulders of the video card, not the processor. However, even with this budget processor, all demanding games will be launched without any complaints and constant sagging over the FPS, naturally, if there is a proper graphics card. By the ratio of performance to price, this processor is on the third place in the overall list of processors (among AMD and Intel). FX 8370E went beyond only the Core i7 and FX 8150. This processor is remarkable primarily for its low power consumption, reasonable cost and competitive performance level.

amd fx 8300 test


Budget, quality, productivity - allthese words can be attributed to the description of the family AMD FX 8300. Overclocking Turbo allows to squeeze out a few points from the processors in the performance tests, however, this does not change the cardinal picture.

This line of AMD does not try to climb into the tops andto disrupt prizes in nominations for maximum productivity. The AMD FX 8300 series has a different task and audience. The processors are perfect for budget assemblies of personal computers. Especially since switching to software and computer games that use the potential of eight-core processors, the transition to a platform from AMD looks attractive for those who want to build an inexpensive and sufficiently productive system.

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