Advantages of frame houses

For many years, the dream of many people was to build their own home for a little money. However, a decade ago, such a desire was not feasible for the reason that the traditional brick material was expensive. And from this it followed that it was not possible to build a house out of this material with little cost. However, everything changed when it came to the Russian market of frame construction technology. One of its features is the low cost. Even with a modest amount of money at your disposal, you can build a fairly solid, and at the same time, lightweight frame house, which is perfect for permanent living. In addition to the low price of frame houses there are other advantages.
Some people are skeptical of these buildings, saying that they quickly fall apart when living in it. However, such an opinion is expressed by people who do not understand this technology. In fact, frame houses are quite sturdy and reliable.If the developer has complied with all the requirements of this method of construction, then upon completion of the work he gets a house that will be warm and that will serve its owner for several decades.
Another positive point is that the construction of such a house takes place in a short time. If you are tired of living in a regular apartment and you want to move out of the city, then the choice in favor of frame technology is the right decision to get your own home in a short time. To do this, you need to allocate a month of free time and spending this time on a country site you can already housewarming after 30 days. Using frame technology of construction, the house can be built easily for such term. It is not necessary to hire a team of professional builders.

You can get by with a few helpers from among your relatives, with the help of which you can cope with the construction of a frame house in 1 month.
From the usual log houses of the skeleton carcass is distinguished by the fact that after the completion of construction, no shrinkage occurs.This allows you to immediately settle and engage in finishing work in your home. Although the technology itself is quite inexpensive, the developer has the opportunity to further reduce their costs. To do this, you must choose the most simple structure of the foundation. Do not be afraid that this will somehow affect the reliability. Even the column foundation can easily withstand a slight load in the form of a frame house construction, which weighs very little. Resorting to such savings, the reliability of the house will not suffer at all and it will serve you for many years, giving comfort and coziness when staying.

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