5000 to kakva svetlina. How do you know the temperature on the colors?

As a color to a golyama, the degree of dependence on culture or power does not depend on the product, but it is completely dependent on childhood. Stavayki understood, the choker knew, that he was grieving, he was still stupendous, the wormion and orange were the colors, and the blue and blue sta sa. Is it important to understand the color temperature?

In fact, the association of our minds is much stronger, sincerely, for the atmosphere and to give more realism to the work of art. Ima is the same kind of associative affiliation - color and attendance.

Kogato stavada thought for the temperature on the colors, white color of the kato reception is the same basis. Byaloto e szdazavaneto on our own mind, because of the spectrum in the spectrum on svetlinata. Byal tsvyat obravkva khorat in the promotion at Hiladi Godini. But more to the edges of the 17th century, Isak Newton demonstrated to localism with help on a prism, which is a mixture from other countries. But tryabvashe chaku until 1900and otkryvaneto law on Planck, for yes getting convincing proof, what color depends on the proportion on the color of other colors.

Max Planck is a German physicist, who has given the manufacturers of fuel to the workers and the most important temperature, which is necessary for the maximum brightness at the time of electricity, for example.

Teaching her to solve and solve the problem, working with modern theory, will not be able to cope with the experimental data. According to Planck, the signal before the issue of radiation and absorption on the light fabric from the mother is smashed into parts, depending on which person the vision is defined.

All of them know the temperature above absolute zero, emphasizing electromagnetically different conditions - they gave an intravenous venate, visible light, ultraviolet or x-rays, and all the information between us is known.

The temperature of the cathode is increased, moreover, more and more than toplin or electromagnetically eluted. Ako tayloto se hesitating to Takawa is a power, and there is enough fuel and fire and light, we can and see the light of Svetlin. In addition, the temperature and the basin of Svetlina preminavat pre is much specific to the color and range, which is mathematically described by Planck’s law.Tovah, Koeto Imame predicted, when we speak for the temperature on the colors - the positions on the walls are colored by the ratio on the colors on the blackness, while the specific temperature is given.

As a result, Max Planck was detected and the standard color temperature of 3200 K was determined for the bunks with a press head. This is because of the polluted basin of the dwelling, in Kinovia, holy tozi number e is known for its temperature on the halogenate of svetlin.

The temperature on the surface is about 5800K, but the light is bright the trace of the filterana of the atmosphere can be varied from 2800K in the so-called magically hour (time for izgrev / climbed the sand) and up to 6500K in the clouds. In the public concept, the concept is for 5600K - the color of the light on the border is clear, Tov Etova, Kometo Imam predicted, we speak a little more than a daylight Svetlina.

Two examples of how to distribute the intensity to distinguish colors depending on the method of luminescence are shown in the picture. For fluorescently lightening it out of a crawl, a ball with live betting and an inert gas. Kogato electric power of preminav many many consecutive prez precursors of gas and gas, the lamp of radiation of ultraviolet radiation.There is a lot of interaction between the body and the body, from the phosphorus, from the soil and from the light and light of the sun. To begin with, the energy of almost all Consumers from the Toplin, which led to the activation of phosphorus and live betting. The principle on the luminescence is attached here, including the studio.

But for the difference from the lamp with the press of the bitch, the light of the light of the sun into the light in accordance with Planck’s law, the fluorescent lamps, as a rule, will work mainly in the color of the red: green, green and blue. Cervenite and blue flowers take away phosphorus from trussia, and the green comes from light to the living creature. In Yevtini, manufacturers of light bulbs from an artificially increased size to green, secured the right to work in a bright, bright, green fashion, exactly in the middle of a visible spectrum. Choveskoto eye at the prevailing part of the green color can not get stuck, but for sdalzhenie giving on the picture, the direction under the fluorescent brightening, green nuance.

For a lamp that coexists in the area of ​​photographs and cinematography, produces springs and mixes different chemical components of phosphorus and get a full color gamut,Somehow and ability and change the temperature on fluorescent lamps, such as the result can be caused by fluorescent lamps with halogen lines from 3200 K and fluorescent lamps for mixed fluorescent 5600K. For yes, you will color the flowers in exactly the right space, try and shake lamps with an index of color on the screen, or CRI. CRI 100 is equivalent to a powder spectrum, similar to Tosi, given from slanceto. Struva si and se vzemat foresight illuminate, koito imat lamps with a CRI of over 90, for example, Reddevil iluminators.

Some ideas for lightening with help on the colors of folium (gelovi) filtry or the colors of gelov. Read it as if you were taking it with sufficient equipment and without compromising the quality to the extreme

The temperature on colors is important when it is evaluated on the choice of a lamp, and not on the LED product itself. To whom number of values ​​can be eaten, the intension is on the island and the conclusion was given conveniently (or sufficiently) by a nivoto for clarity in the region of Daden. In the basin of the table and the table, from the color temperature (denoted by Kato Tc) on the LED lamp, it is still more and more common for apartments and apartments.

Is it necessary to know your characteristics? All the chovek ima sveto vzypriyatie for svetlinata. The Tc indicator allows you to analyze the trickle or the heat, and the stream is brighter than the output from the lighting device. Into the case of LED-lamp. Zatova as far as possible and select the optimal modification of the product to the specific conditions for the work (the size of the room, not too coherent and so-called).

This is even more important, as a type of lighting device is replaced with another. Parvachonachalno bähme sviknali ets svetlinata, izlchvana from "Ilic kruska", and installed on the LED lamp, ak e wrongly elected (), it is possible and predictable discomfort. And not by the chorat.

Fenove on the zazhzhdan on flowering in the house, have a foreknowledge, than the body on the light of the body, regardless of the techie Tc, who reflected in the plant and the cat is usually not good for you. Tryaba and let us take some measurements for non-neutralization on the negative of the consequences of tezi promeni in girth.

How is the temperature per color measured?

In degrees Kelvin (0 ° К e is equal to 273 ° С). Imaging a range in a basin, a characteristic, docat “reference point”, was taken for byala (in the range from 4,700 to 6,000).Vsichki left the nuance of all leveled with these indicators: fuel - from 2,700 to 3,200; is untouched (narecha ce daylight svetlina) - from 3500 to 4500; Studen - more than 6 000.

Choose a Tc with more help tables and graphs.

Prece Cc Tc depending on the specific situation on the lamp

By type of action

  • The working area is from 4,200 to 5,500. Tazi Svetlina is preliminarily studena, but it is necessary for the correct mood to be effective.
  • Chetene (for example, at the bureau, lamp floor) - from 5,500 to 6,500, not more.
  • Entertaining zone e from 2,800 to 3,000 souls.

By stait

  • All-day, sleeping, meals, from 2,700 to 4,500 souls.
  • Kitchens, flies, baths - from 3,800 to 5,000 souls.
  • Libraries, workers, garages - from 4,800 to 6,000.

Statiya presenting and try on the accountant for the selection and selection for the selection of LEDs with LEDs.

Kogato kupuvate LED product, it is necessary and here is a look at the vision of the factor:

  • First of all, do not equate the device with the lamp with the plug. In spite of everything, they mixed with the latter, they are not perfect from the source to the light.
  • On the second, the bright side, the imprisonment of perversity on the Daden flock. How e decorated in kakvi color predominates? Without yes, the report of the specifics, the rule on the LED lamp can not be directed.
  • Thirdly, the characteristics of the city are citizens.A knock of strength is not a question of explanation.
  • Chetvrto, miastoto on instalirane on LED lamps (for example, on the temple).

Authored by this Nadiava, che is despreading information e is sufficient, for yes electing the most useful option for the LED device on the relation to temperature on the color of b, cb kato for obvious reasons can not imagined on the principle of unambiguous parti. Vaprosy for the clarification of the flock and the flock of the enemy individual approach, the concept

The concept for color is the temperature of one of the crawlers for the temperature at the source of light by the color of mu. Measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Kolkot is at a very high temperature for colors, interpreted in the light of light. Svetlinata e topl and studena, depending on the color. The temperature on the colors on the LED FKK varir in the range from orange is colored on the lamp with the pressed zichka (2300 K) for a lot of cold blue sky (7100 K).

At the same time, the light blends with the color of the mixture; the colors on the byaloto are different and depend on the color. That way, byaly tsvyat with by-Golyama often from chervenite from the valley by-Topl and from-Golyama by often from blue-to-toe-by-student. Concepts for temperature on the color of the crawl for the classifier on the different types of white light.The color of the light in comparison with the theoretical or absolutely black radiator has gotten up to a temperature between 2000 and 10 000 K, which is bordering on the color, we can see its brightness is similar to that studied. At the same time, regardless of the temperature on the radiator, it is black, the red one counts as fuel and cold blue, the black on the graphic emitter (or the density on the Planck line) on the blue of the high temperature, it is broken.

Yes, and yes, there is a selection at the manufacturer for lighting the device, FKK color is divided into 11 classes:

Color temperature (K)

Standard Class


Neutralno byalo

Toplo byalo

A lamp with a plug

Color space and selection

You color the light-emitting diode in the color and space, it is fixed on the chromatic diagram on CIE (1931) x, y. All shades are determined from a point (x, y) on a two-dimensional graphic or chromatic tone in the spectrum on the visible color.

The color of the CIE x, y graphics is based on the classics or on the chart for choosing (binning). These curves are made geometrically through a chromaticity scheme in accordance with a graphite on a black radiator and in a definite change in the chromaticity of the coordinate.The co-ordinates of these creeps for the color temperature on the LED in nuance are on the white and light index on the color display (CRI), the close contact is located close to the black graph of the emitter (or the status on the Planck line) on.

Client on FKK Mogat and crawl through the diagrams, identify and match the temperature on the color and color display to LEDs.

Example for individual selection

Color Nashi

With a current for a period of chromaticity on a diode, izvetchvashchi svetlina, this time, like at a different point on svetlin. When you come out of the lights on the lights of the lights on the lights, it is a lot of importance, but you should check the color flow. This is a good idea, because yes and a lot of color is traded from time to time to quality, somehow and measured by standard color deviation (SDCM), FKK has learned a method to control the color of flowers, but the basis is Prague discrimination (Mac Adam Yelipsi) ).

Yelpsi on Mac Adam

Ellipse on Mac Adam sa system for measuring flowers. This dimension is promoted and colored in color, so you can see the eye, depending on the distance in color.The groups from сеlipsy are going to show around the site of the color. The LED close-up color is determined to be centered on the elipsat, interpreted in a small way, and you can fill the color of the LED on the LED from the serially slightly off.

The color variation of the ce measurement through the standard tolerance for the coincidence on the color (SDCM). SDCM shows a lippsat on the obvious color in the basin on the LED series. 2 or 3 SDCM units (or Mac Macs) display barely visible in color. Rejecting in 7 SDCM is still more responsive.

FKK work to paint on the chromatic spars between the LEDs and on the product, which koito nadhvrlyat communicate standard.

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