2019 Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque SUV from Range Rover is one of the most popular models of the brand. Since 2011, more than 600,000 copies of this model have been sold in the world, prompting the company's management to release an updated version that promises to be even more dynamic and give the owner maximum driving comfort in the city or off-road.

New Range Rover Evoque

Model history

The first version of the Range Rover Ewok, which received the highest marks in its class, is available in three body styles: the five-door, the coupe and the convertible, which suggests that the updated 2019 model will also receive several versions.

Five-door Range Rover EvoqueRange Rover Evoque 2018 Convertible

Indisputable advantages of Evoque cars are:

  • recognizable cubic design;
  • premium class interior;
  • excellent dynamic performance;
  • high traffic in off-road conditions;
  • reliability and practicality.

What will be the new generation of Range Rover Evoque, the release of which should start in early 2019?


In anticipation of the official presentation of new items, connoisseurs of powerful and stylish SUVs Range Rover with interest track all the latest news.No matter how hard the manufacturer tried to keep the features of the new model secret, many details have already become public knowledge, because camouflaged cars were seen on the roads of Great Britain.

first test-rave Range Rover EvoqueRange Rover Evoque in camouflage

From the photo of test races, it is obvious that the Range Rover Evoque, which should arrive at car dealerships not earlier than 2019, will receive a rather subtle refinement. No drastic changes in the exterior are to be expected, because the characteristic recognizable profile of a car assembled on a reliable D8 platform is its hallmark.

But still the second generation Ewok will get its features, such as:

  • increased wheelbase;
  • slightly modified to improve the aerodynamic qualities of the roof;
  • new shape LED modules running lights;
  • narrow straight-line head optics units;
  • the frontal part modified by designers;
  • 18 inch wheels that draw attention to the new design.

Interior novelties

If outwardly the second generation remains the same powerful, stylish and recognizable SUV brand Evoque, then in the cabin are expected more tangible changes.

To emphasize the car's belonging to the elite class, such materials as genuine leather and noble chrome are called to.The wide palette of colors available for the model's body suggests that several stylish color combinations in white, black, gray and brown will be developed for the salon.

Range Rover Evoque Interior

The salon of the new model will become more spacious, which will provide more space for the second row passengers. Also, the novelty will be pleased with such solutions as:

  • digital dashboard;
  • comfortable driver's seat with lateral support, heating system and a large number of individual settings;
  • stylish steering wheel with the ability to control the multimedia system and other settings;
  • modern multizone climate control system;
  • large monitor to work with the navigation system Navigation Pro;
  • Dual View dual-view system that allows you to control multimedia streams for the main monitor and second-row passenger screens;
  • Meridian speaker system and multimedia system with InControl function;
  • a variety of innovative solutions to help the driver, from lane control to recognition of road signs.
Monitor the new Range Rover Evoque

Specifications model 2 generation

Since Range Rover’s engineers decided to build a new car on the already familiar D8 platform, it’s clear thatthat the creators do not think about its electrification, and hybrid models of Ewok in the near future should not be expected.

The line of power units will be represented by 2-liter gasoline engines with a capacity of 240 to 290 hp, as well as a number of 2-liter diesel engines with a capacity of 180 to 240 hp.

Increased interest in the model is designed to improve the technical characteristics of new products and are designed such solutions as:

  • 9-speed automatic;
  • adaptive suspension;
  • torque distribution system;
  • several driving conditions that adapt the car to the peculiarities of the roadway;
  • Terrain Response (surface type recognition system);
  • Hill Descent Control (system of assistance during the descent from steep slopes);
  • A whole package of innovative technologies for easy and fast parking in all conditions.

Price and start of sales

The official premiere of the 2019 New Range Rover Evoque should be held this fall as part of the Paris Motor Show. What will be the price of an SUV in the European and Russian markets, it will be possible to more specifically argue only after getting acquainted with the features of the new product.

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