2018 year of the animal by horoscope

You can be skeptical about horoscopes and not believe in astrology, but in any case it is interesting to know which animal will be devoted to 2018. Millions of people all over the world with bated breath are studying predictions, trying to predict what awaits them in the near future. Psychologists claim that you only need to believe in the good, then the invented scenario will be translated into reality. Therefore, it is worth finding out which animal will be devoted to 2018 to read the eastern horoscope and choose the best from it!

Eastern horoscope

In the eastern horoscope includes 12 animals, each of which protects a particular year. Each animal is assigned a certain element. It can be metal, water, earth, air or flame. Therefore, the result is a circle of 60 animals, the characteristics of each of which depend on what element they belong to. For example, the air "gives" animal levity, the earth - thoroughness, the flame - hot temper.

After 2017 Rooster will come into force in 2018, which will be held under the auspices ofYellow Earthen Dog. What is the nature of this animal, and what will 2018 bring to humanity? About this you will learn from this article.

Yellow Earth Dog: general characteristics

The Yellow Earth Dog is a peaceful animal that cannot tolerate conflict. Therefore, astrologers say that in 2018 peace and tranquility will finally prevail. It is possible that even people who were previously considered irreconcilable enemies will be able to reach a compromise.

Yellow color symbolizes not only the Earth, but also sunlight. This means that in the new year there will be more optimism and joy. I want to believe that astrologers do not lie about what animal will be devoted to the horoscope for 2018, and the Yellow Dog will really bring people a lot of happiness.

It is important to note that the Dog in Eastern astrology is considered a female sign. Therefore, in 2018, people who have gentleness, intuition and sincerity will achieve particular success. True, at the same time people can expect quite noticeable emotional drops.Yellow Earth Dog

The dog appreciates the home and family. Therefore, lucky faithful people for whom the family - in the first place. It will be difficult for those who are accustomed to loneliness.Although it is possible that they will reconsider their views and decide that it is time to start a new life.

The nature of people who were born in the year of the Dog

Who will the world bring in 2018? The dog is an honest, infinitely loyal and loyal animal. She also gives these traits to people born in the Year of the Yellow Dog. Such people become great friends who are ready to help at any time. The pets of the Yellow Dog are not capable of suffering injustice: they always take the side of the weak and seek to restore the truth, even if they themselves are at risk.

In addition, people who have appeared in the New 2018, the symbol of which will be the Yellow Dog, will be able to entrust any secret and be sure that they will not give out other people's secrets under any circumstances.

The elements of the Earth will give everyone born in 2018 the ability to soberly assess the situation and stand firmly on their feet. This concerns financial well-being: such people will always find a way to earn money and never stay aground. In addition, they will appreciate the comfort and convenience.

The Yellow Dog is firm in its decisions: it cannot be persuaded or confused.People belonging to this sign are very loving, always come to the aid of others and are prone to "rescue". However, caution should be exercised: sometimes, helping others, you can turn into an arrogant person who is proud of his actions and brags in every way to people. Yellow Earth Dog should treat yourself with humor and sensibly assess its importance to others.

People born in the year of the dog

Negative traits of people born under the sign of the Yellow Dog

A dog can be very cynical and sharp on the tongue. She speaks the truth in the face, without concealing anything or hiding it. Because of this, quite serious troubles can arise: not everybody is ready to forgive such straightforwardness. Therefore, all those born under the sign of the Dog should learn to keep their mouths shut and realize that speaking the truth in their faces is not always worth it.

In a team, Yellow Dog can criticize others in every way. To colleagues even sometimes it seems that such people are specifically looking for a reason for conflict. However, this is not the case: for Yellow Dogs, such behavior is a way to spur people on to new achievements.

Sometimes Yellow Earth Dogs are overly pessimistic. They tend to fall into depression, for a long time experiencing trouble and defeat. It is worth learning how to look at life easier: failures happen to everyone, but this is not a reason to think that life is bad.

Yellow Earth Dogs are overly concerned about financial well-being. They can become greedy and mercantile, tend to hoarding, forgetting that money is not earned in order to be stored under seven locks. Do not forget that there are intangible values.

Negative traits of people born under the sign of the Yellow Dog

Family and love

Despite outward sociability, the Yellow Earthen Dog is not inclined to let others around him too closely. Her friends are only proven people, with whom you can safely "go to the intelligence." Choose a spouse people who are born this year will be long enough. However, the marriage will be very strong, and it is unlikely that the one whom the Yellow Dog patronizes will be the initiator of its disintegration.

The dog is distinguished by loyalty and devotion. Therefore, luck awaits those who value their family and are not inclined to “look to the left.”This distinguishes the 2018th from 2017, which, as you know, will be patronized by the impulsive, emotional and loving Fire Rooster.

By the way, astrologers believe that marriages to be concluded in 2018, under the auspices of the animal Yellow Earthen Dog, will be especially strong, so if you are planning a wedding, you should think about whether to play it in 2018. If we recall that 2019 will be the Year of the Pig, which does not at all favor a lover seeking to register a relationship, it becomes obvious that 2018 is the ideal year for a strong, long marriage.

The Yellow Dog will give an opportunity to meet his other half to all lonely people who do not dare to build relationships because of timidity or shyness. The main thing - do not miss your chance.

Recommendations for those who are actively building a career

Who can achieve maximum success? It's very simple: The dog is stubborn and active, so it will give its favor to people who are not stopped by the obstacles in the way. If in 2018 to make every effort and not to abandon our plans, you will be able to realize many of your plans.Active, active people, boldly taking the initiative in their own hands, will be able to get a boost or achieve growth in their own income.

The Yellow Earth Dog does not like those who devote a huge amount of time to dreams and fantasies, refusing real actions. And for all the rest, the mistress of the year will gladly give her the opportunity to realize herself and achieve her goals.

Yellow Dog will make people more loyal, calm and tolerant of the shortcomings of others. This should be used: in 2018, it will be easier to get sympathy from both colleagues and the most strict authorities. Therefore, all people who are not afraid to be active, do not worry: the new year, which will be the year of the animal element of the Earth, will be very successful.

Career in the year of the dog

Political situation

Yellow Earth Dog must bring people peace and quiet. After all, this animal does not like conflicts, and therefore, it will teach how to solve problems peacefully. It is hoped that the rivals will become partners, and the enemies will sign non-aggression pacts. Great success has been achieved by states that seek to resolve issues through diplomacy, and not with weapons.

Yellow Earthen Dog never leaves those in need without help. Therefore, it is likely that developed countries will provide all kinds of help and support to poor states.

Now you know which animal 2018 will be devoted to. May this knowledge bring you good luck and prosperity! By the way, to appease the Earthen Dog, meet the New Year in yellow outfits and decorate the interior with yellow accessories.

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