16 ideas how to make Christmas toys with their own hands.

The Christmas tree, decorated with purchased balls and tinsel, looks elegant and stylish. The same one on which homemade toys are hung on the Christmas tree also evokes thoughts about the unity of adults and children. Recalls that this holiday for the whole family. The opportunity to become closer to each other appears if you make together Christmas toys, crafts, decor and jewelry with your own hands. So that the children hang them on the Christmas tree or around the room.

Christmas toys with their own hands

Doing Christmas toys with your own hands on the tree with your own hands is very fun and exciting, it does not need any complex technology, especially since there are techniques that allow you to make original and beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree. And they will look no worse than purchased ones.

Among the materials that may be required for the manufacture of toys can be noted

  • sparkles;
  • papier-mâché for the manufacture of coasters or toys
  • salty dough can also be the basis of decorations for the Christmas tree;
  • buttons.

Glitter will be required to decorate the already finished toys. To make them will require manual nozzle cutter, scissors and baking foil. The width of the foil should be such that it fits in the noodle cutter, usually it is 10-12 cm.

Gradually unwinding the foil to pass it through the noodle cutter. Then the resulting strips need to be cut with scissors into very small pieces.

Or you can decorate sparkles with ordinary light bulbs of elongated shape and make cones on the Christmas tree. Such crafts will be very environmentally friendly.

Christmas toys from light bulbs

Papier mache is a sticky mass of newsprint. It is necessary to finely tear or cut with boiling water so that it is soaked. Then mix with PVA glue and from the resulting mass to make toys on the Christmas tree or just to play with children. You can make whole sets of dishes, vegetables and fruits, masquerade masks for carnival costumes.

  • To get started, use simple forms for crafts - it can be molded out of clay, then stick around papier-mâché, dried and painted.
  • To sculpt from the resulting mass of animals - kittens, pigs, monkeys on the Christmas tree, then dry and paint them.

papier mache toys

With little kids you can make crafts on the tree of salt dough.To cook salt dough for crafts you need to take salt with flour in almost equal proportions. Add water and vegetable oil a little. Knead the dough out of them. If you want to immediately make colored toys, then tint water immediately for mixing the dough. Then you can sculpt Christmas toys. They will last for several years, because they are characterized by increased strength. Dry them in the oven at low temperature with the door open.

salt dough crafts

The easiest way to make Christmas decorations with your own hands on the Christmas tree of the buttons. They need to be strung on a thread and glued so as not to budge. So get unusual beads. And if you put green buttons of different diameters on the wire, starting with the largest one, you will get a wonderful Christmas tree. Bend the upper end of the wire for the loop. Crafts from the buttons on the Christmas tree can be not only green, but also any other color.

Christmas tree of buttons

Christmas toys made of felt

They are soft and cute. From them blows warmth and comfort. Even the one who sells little can make Christmas decorations out of felt. Such decorations are usually performed in the form of a New Year's attribute: Santa Claus, snowman, Little House, bullfinch and others.

Flat felt bullfinch

Make patterns, that is, to draw a little body with a head and tail. Let the parts be less, so it will be easier to cut and sew. Klyuviki can be made of thick cardboard, which is sewn between the two parts of the body. Additional details can be: wings, cap, bow, scarf, snowflake.

Sew parts better outside. Neat, smooth seams will be an additional decor for Christmas crafts. Threads, selected to match the main color, will merge with the details, and contrasting ones will be emphasized and make it spectacular. Eyes to make too their felt or small buttons.

felt birdfelt bullfinchChristmas felt toys

Felt asterisk

Patterns of Christmas toys made of felt with your own hands can be copied from the pictures: a house with a snow roof, a gingerbread man or asterisks.

The latter is recommended to perform bulk. To draw a five-pointed star. On a white felt portray a semblance of a flowing cream to place it later on an asterisk. It will resemble a hat made of snow.

Sew together the two parts of the star, fill the inner space with cotton wool or pieces of cloth. Then sew on top of the white parts on both sides.Make eyes of black beads, and mouth embroidered with red thread.

It is recommended to decorate toys on felt Christmas tree with leaves of green felt. Sew on them beads of red color. It will resemble the fruits of mountain ash.

As its decoration, you can choose a narrow ribbon, which tie a bow. Then sew with a bell or a bead on top of the cap.

Christmas decoration is ready. It remains to attach a loop to hang it in place.

Christmas tree decorationsstar on a felt christmas treeChristmas toys with their own hands

How to make Christmas decorations with your own hands from wood?

The decorations made on a cut of a thin tree look very unusual. They do not require any special additions to the decor. It is enough to burn the thematic image on both its sides.

It is clear that without a device for burning, it will not be easy to make wooden toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands. But you can try to replace it with a pattern of black acrylic paint.

The thickness of the blanks should not be very large, so that the wooden decoration does not look bulky. But thin and it breaks too fast.

Special charm gives the bark to such an ornament, which is better to leave. So the pattern on the tree will be immediately decorated in a natural frame.Such unusual Christmas toys on the Christmas tree are very adorable

In order to hang wooden Christmas decorations, it is better to use natural threads, such as flax or wool. And they should not be painted. Their gray shade goes well with the color of the cut tree. It will only be necessary to drill a small hole in the upper part of the round bit and thread a thread through it that is to be tied into a loop.

As an additional pendant decoration, you can choose a large wooden bead, which you can put on a string on top of a wooden toy. If you want a contrast, then fit a satin ribbon tied in the same place.

Christmas tree toysChristmas craftswooden Toys

Christmas toys do it yourself for 2018

We should also mention how to make Christmas toys with their own hands and decorative decorations by 2018. As a rule, every year we prepare a toy, the symbol of the year. In the coming year - the year of the Red Rooster. By 2018, you can make a cute and cozy rooster with felt out of felt and decorate it with various beads and rhinestones. Do not forget to attach a loop at the top for hanging on the Christmas tree. In addition, such cute souvenirs are suitable for a gift to colleagues for the New Year 2018.

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16 ideas how to make Christmas toys with their own hands 86

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